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Mining tourism in San Luis







In this walk we will travel to the heart of the mountain feeling their to palpitate, traveling around 1000 meters for the tunnels of the Mine of The Condors or to visit the First floor of Véliz (slate quarries with great quantity of mollusks and petrified vegetables) they are options of high interest, as knowing abandoned mines of quartz, wolfram, gold, etc.

The first mine that we traveled it was the mine of the Condors located to some 50 kms of Merlo it Mines of the condors

Mines of the condors

Pride of the mining sanluiseña, located in Concarán and exploded for German and North Americans were the emprendimiento of domestic bigger tungsten and second in South America. Today the historical mine with their imposing facilities, constructions and their 15 Kms. of tunnels they constitute an attractiveness that evokes with certainty the splendor of their past. It visits Guided with equipment provided by the mine.

Oltra of the mines that we traveled is The Carolina located to 260 km of Merlo.

La Carolina mines
This located in the heart of San Luis' Mountains and to the foot of the Hill Tomolasta this charming town is located. Miner par excellence, their history and landscape unite for the travelers' admiration. From the XVIII century it is linked to the exploitation of the gold and today in day it is possible to find the villagers that still wash the sands of the transparent waters of the place. With local guides.
Granite and stone flagstone mines
San Luis' county, has among its natural wealth an important mining potential, among these wealth they stand out the ornamental rocks, as they are it the granite and the stone flagstone both products of high quality. The granite quarries can be visited in the area of Potrerillo, Dpto. San Martin and the processing-plant in Tilisarao, in it concerns it to the stone flagstone, the quarries are located in the surroundings of the Reservoir The Florida, in both cases they will be able to observe immense walls worked by the man that never offer a landscape with characteristic views.
mines la Toma

With more than sixty extracted shops of onyx elaboration of the local quarries, it is known as the Capital of the Marble Onyx with their prestige that transcends the frontiers. In the Hill Tiporco is the quarry Santa Isabel where the veined green onyx, distinguishing characteristic of the county is extracted and appreciated worldwide.

It doesn't finish everything here: it is also possible to find an incredible Mineralogical Museum located in the access route to The Taking that we are surprised with their exhibition of more than 650 minerals of the region, domestic and also of the foreigner.



Distances from Merlo

Mines of the Condors

50 Km. 

La Carolina

260 Km. 

La florida

200 Km. 

La Toma

110 Km. 


107 Km. 

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