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Voyage in 4 x4 to Tiraxi













A strange scenario, to only 37 km of the capital county, San Salvador of Jujuy for an on the way to ideal mountain for tourism risks.
To Tiraxi you consents for the National Route 9, paved, and then for an on the way to rubble. It is a place with gulches and courses of water.

Crossing the Big river, a headland of earth reddish and big blue songs speaks to each other of a tremendous one grown of the last summer. For a skirted path of multicolored pedrones, we begin to ascend in search of the place.

To our step, the first crystalline current of a river accuses, with enormous rocks in its bed that the nature showed all its fury and terrifying beauty behind non a lot of time.

Among curved and contracurvas, the narrow one on the way to horseshoe goes ascending until the near summits, while vertiginous cliffs alert the driver on any error.

Toward the east, stone murallones defines throats covered with pinegroves, where the light of the Sun that now runs toward the west, it illuminates gigantic and somber cracks where torrents of transparent water jump of stone in stone, sprinkling of foam the diffuse riverbanks and the pinegroves already contribute their dark shades.

Our van continues ascending and in some tracts we cross, hardly, suspended cornices among the hills, the narrow path that makes on the way, continuing while to our surroundings mountainous masses they begin to appear to each turn of our journey.

The ferns and pajonales upholster the hillsides, not without allowing to see deep cracks where the absence of vegetation makes appreciate the strata of remote times and the mineral formations show capricious positions that speak to each other of cataclysms, fractures and sinkings that covered the coniferous ones piously and they always beautified lianas and those green '' ichus" with their long manes.

The road that resembles an ascent hairspring a lot, continue meanwhile the landscape of the first tracts begins to change and I eat for magic art, the dark throats and the cliffs are appreciated less. When crossing one of the so many rivers that water this place, they go finding place the greennest prairies that extend toward all the points of the horizon, off only for afloraciones also of a velvet green, where the livestock looks like small points in the enormity of the prairies skirted by hills.

The stone has disappeared leaving only the high and perfumed grass of the Yungas visible. Reaching the level of what would be the lowest summits, a sad and exotic cypress announces us that we have arrived to the sacred field, where old tombs advance that we are finally in the mysterious, enigmatic and beautiful of Tiraxi.


In the distance we sight some few houses, one of them the church of the place and the school. Crossing the short distance of the bridge on the clear and drafty river, we direct our steps toward the cascade (for the winter, diminished in flow and it forces) contemplating the jet that descends from goes that is what sources and throws in the river.

Due to the constant erosion, it dug a natural bridge; the difference of the land transforms it into jumps and fallen of spectacular beauty.

They surprise the solitude and silence of the place, The country property and the materials gathered to repair the access they speak of residents and neighbors, but they are not visible and while the sun continues relentless its march toward the west recaptures the path, we continue lowering and we appreciate from another angle, and with another light, the whole spectacular of the landscape.

We are singly impressed and we feel main characters of a wonderful tourist adventure.
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