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A voyage in canoe for the Tigre










Remus in hand, is easy to feel an ona. A group of friends manufactures these primitive crafts handmadely and the walks are made by streams little frequented

Selknam means ona in the language ona, these natives were rowers avezados and of there took the name a group of friends that some years ago decided to row in the rivers and channels in its own craft.

Dos anthropology students and a cabinetmaker and luthier locked in a shop and of there they went out the first Canadian canoes with those that wanted to emulate in their feats to the aboriginal ones that lived off the fishing and the cultivation of the corn before the colonization.

Lucas, Ricardo and Walter found, besides a creative vein, a good way to be able to show the tourist the most powerful secrets in this Delta that assure to have rowed from tip to tip, but that every day it surprises them with something new.

We begin the voyage

Selknam offers its exits for rivers and practically inaccessible streams, in canoes of until 6 people that are the envy of as much as islander crosses in the road.

The starting point is a ramp beside the Hispanic Club, in the opposed end to the Station Fluvial Delta of Tiger.

Before leaving, the guides teach to seize the oar and how to use it. "It is not question of force, because the oar is for everybody, but rather of to accompany and to coordinate the one rowed with the rest of the members of the canoe", Ricardo explains before beginning the voyage.

Equally, and in low voice as so that they don't listen, after two hours of oar more than one will have to request two reserve arms. The sensation of navigating in canoe is special, almost primitive.

The silence of the nature wraps everything. An unique experience that will leave making more and more unlosable along the voyage.

Casuarinas, ceibos, sallows, anacahuitas, acacias, cypresses, ecualiptos, poplars, ash-trees and oaks guard the rivers from the albardón and they hide old built houses of grooved roofs on palafitas.

The Fulminante, Old Gambado, Break and Open up Old they offer its waters to row them while the moon begins to lean out from behind of the line of the horizon.

The Canadian canoes and their proposal of ecological tourism are a good news, a discovery for those that know the Delta and an unforgettable experience for the first time for those that decide, to furrow the waters of these rivers and to loose ámarras to the imagination.

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