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Navigating by Upsala Galcier and Onelli Bay
Glaciar Upsala y Bahia Onelli
Glaciar Upsala y Bahia Onelli
Glaciar Upsala y Bahia Onelli
Glaciar Upsala y Bahia Onelli
Glaciar Upsala y Bahia Onelli


In Los Glaciares National Park, you can go on an excursion combining a lake outing, a 4x4 vehicle drive, hiking or horse riding, sightseeing and tasting regional dishes on your visit to Upsala Glacier.


To get to these glaciers you must take provincial route 11 until km. 39 and join route 8 to Punta Bandera ( 49 km .) to navigate throuth the northern branch of lake Argentino, where you must navigate about 70 km . to get to Glacier Upsala and Onelli Bay, where the catamaran stops for three hours.

Upsala Glacier forms an ice spit of some 60 km . long and 10 km . wide and constitutes the biggest glacier in the area. Its surface is approximately 595 km², about three times as big as Buenos Aires.

The name Upsala is also the name of the city in Sweeden where the first glaciology research work was carried out at the beginning of the XX century. In the central part of this glacier there is a long dark stripe formed by a central moraine, rocky fragments dragged by tributary glaciers trapped in the confluence of two glacier spits.

Navigation goes on until Onelli Bay , where passengers disembark and go for a short walk through the forest until Onelli Bay , where glaciers Onelli, Bolados, Agassiz and Heim meet. During the hike you will enjoy these beautiful landscapes with a variety of shapes and colors in the immense icebergs detached from Upsala Glacier.

The sailing continues, being sighted the glacier Spegazzini. This glacier has a surface of 66 km², and a width 1,5 km and it was denominated this way by the botanical Carlos Spegazzini that carried out the first studies of the flora of the place. It stands out mainly for their discharges and imposing walls that almost reach those 110 meters high. This glacier is fed by three glaciers that fall in cascade form, the North May, the central Spegazzini and the Comb.

Already of return the boat passes near a hill with condoreras. Leave to these birds to fly and to plan taking advantage of the upward currents of air.

In high season they are carried out photographic nautical safaris with exits every hour.

You will also be able to carry out a walk of two and a half hours until the Lagoon and Cascade of the Glacier Heim or to visit the Channel Spegazzini. Being another option the walk for the Peninsula Herminita where you arrives at a refuge of the Institute of the Continental Ice.

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