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Short walks from Monte Hermoso
Puesta de sol en Monte Hermoso




Cabalgatas en la playa en Monte Hermsoso




Faro REcalada en Monte Hermoso




Peatonal Dorrego en Monte Hermoso




Lente faro Recalda en Monte Hermoso




Casino de Monte Hermoso

For two or three hours on foot. In vehicle, maximum itineraries 1/2 hour to Spa Sauce Grande.


Spa Sauce Grande


Go down by hand to Coastal and double Av. left, in few blocks itwill leave the urbanized area behind and itspends next to an old cement espigón, it is a good place to take panoramic pictures of the beaches.
It begins the open beach here, with alive dunes. From here they are 1500 m to Recalada Lighthouse


Lighthouse Recalada


The lighthouse Recalada is the highest domestic with a height of its structure 67 meters and this located to 78 meters on the level of the sea. 7 km is located to the east of the Spa of Monte Hermoso, for the coastal road toward Sauce Grande.
Their construction decides in the year 1904. The materials were provided from France by the same company that position of the construction of the tower Eiffel was made. Their it assembles in lease, fué directed by the Engineer Luiggi, who also directed the construction of the base Naval Port Belgrano. The beginning of operations of the lighthouse wasin 1 January 1906.
The lands belonged to the stay El Recreo Viejo, and later on they were given the national government. Their metallic tower is composed of a central tube of 1,50 m of diameter, the one that contains the 293 necessary steps to reach the hut of illumination, and eight lateral columns of cast iron. Their foundations are sunken 9 m below the surface of the land.
The original illumination went to combustion with kerosene gas, then gas acetylene was used until it began to work with electric power, the one that even possesses and it feeds to a lamp of 1000 watts which carries out a complete turn in 27 seconds, taking place in that period three gleams, what allows him a reach of 28 marine miles.
From here they are 2 km, for road entoscado between the dunes and the sea until Sauce Grande .

Sauce Grande

It is a born urbanization of the loteo carried out in the decade of the 40, in lands belonging to the fields of the family Pulleston. Forestada is beautifully, with copies already eucaliptus añosos and varieties of coniferous, everything in earth won to the dune. In their sector more boscoso maintains characteristic of neighborhood park, with hidden chalets among the grove. Continue down the street main, parallel and to some 500 m of the beach. After the square with the Calvary, double to the left, it stops then to recapture the street Seclantas, circulating for a beautiful residential tract. Final AI of this street, to return skirting the beach until recapturing the one on the way to access.
There is rent of beach tricycles. Also, horse rent. It is possible to arrive on foot for the beach.


To join Clams

The best places are the beaches far from the center, in address to the American Camping site or toward the Spa Big Sallow. The best schedule, of tomorrow early, with the low tide. to Take pail, but you prohíbe to use shovel; to dig with the hand where they are small holes in the sand: the clam is to a depth average of 30 cm, and, sometimes, there is more than one. To execute the procedure quickly to avoid that it escapes. They are also used as bait for fishing of corvine and whiting. To go with children.

Jetty of Fishermen


In the end west of the spa, it is on foot a walk for the beach. In vehicle to go for Saturated Av. Lighthouse, to follow their continuation Laughs Uruguay to Salted River, to turn 50 m to the left, to take Chascomús until Av. The Malvinas and, for this toward the sea, ending in the Jetty of Fishermen that is a great cement structure from where there are good panoramic views. It is place of open beach, good for the fishing or for the day to happen. From here they are 4 km of beach and dune until American Camping site, establishment with excellent facilities and good grove.
To visit the lagoon Big Sallow, they are 20 km from Monte Hermoso, going and turn. Walk of 1 hour hour, ideal to carry out picnic. From Monte Hermoso, km 0, to continue for exit to RN3 and in the km 5,5 to bend to the left hand toward Lagoon of Sauce Grande.


Lagoon of Sauce Grande


It is fed by the river of the same name, which follows their course then until the sea. ithas a mirror of water of 550 há, a depth average 1,80 m and it possesses good pejerrey capture (to remember that the prohibition time is of September until November).
To be entered itpays a reduced tariff, like municipal rate of maintenance. There is a modern building for sweet shop, with good view, specially at dusk.
On the lagoon there are a pier or fishing jetty and ramp for boats. They are let boats for fishing, wooden or of fiber, during the whole fishing season. Very popular place for sports to candle, especially wind surf.

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