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The Charm of the Field
Turismoi rural en General Madariaga


Las tradiciones pampeanas
Mujeres con ropa típica


La yerra
Galpón de estancia


El tradicional asado
Turismo rural


Being in Madariaga is impossible not to either be attracted by the Stays that there are in the proximities, by historical reasons, for the beauties of their architectural styles or for the activities that are carried out in them, all motivate the interest and the visitor's astonishment.

If you it wants to know some stay, the following places have opened up to the tourism

Ranch and Farms
Farm "Dos Montes"
They are 2000 there are. of hills with centennial talares, lagoons and taken a bath, 70 have. of forest that you were the nursery for the afforestation of Cariló. All this to enjoy the nature, their scents, their animals, the colors, their birds and the silence. They can be carried out Cavalcades - pony club - tourism risks - walks in cuatriciclos - driver range - observation of birds - fishing sport - pole clinic. Location: Route 11, km. 400, to 34 kms. of Madariaga

Farm " San Mateo"
There are 2.500 has.and. the proposal consists on a day of field to happen like its owners enjoy it. It waits for it a compound centennial park for elm trees, camphors, larches, blue oaks, mounts of acacias and birds that will make it forget the stress making that that you want: to Eat lunch or to take the Tea, to read in the wide Library of the parent house that dates of 1914 and that it has a furniture designed by Bustillo. One can also enjoy an ornithological journey, of the pileta of salted water and to participate in the field tasks. Location: Route 74 km. 55, to 30 kms. of Madariaga.

Farm "El Carmen"
They are 700 there are. dedicated to the agricultural production and apícola. The proposal is a day of field to pass with the roasted infaltable or it can opt for a tea with prepared station cakes for the hostess. One can acquire honey and their derivates. It also offers lodging. Location: Route 74 km. 53, to 28 km of Madariaga.

Farm "Charles Viejo"
One of the most traditional stays in the area, of great historical value. It possesses a collection of old carriages of international fame, room of harness and museum. Location: Place Juancho, to 14 kms. of Gral. Juan Madariaga.

Farm "6 De Octubre"
Know a coast different from the Lagoon" Salted Big" that offers the" I space" for their privacy where it will find" the place" to fish, from the coast or embarked and a tree-lined private beach with jetty, grills, boats, camping site with facilities and nursery for their boat. Also the rent of the House of Field for six people. Location: TO 20 kms. of Gral. Juan Madariaga. In the km. 22 of the route 74 to take the one on the way to earth to the lagoon" Salted Big", until the Crossing of" The 3 Roads" and to follow 2 kms. more until the tranquera of the stay that is open of 7 to 19 hs. From the route 11 bajaren the km. 385 and to travel 15 kms. until the tranquera.

Farm "Invernadas"
In this stay it will be able to find surrounded rest of peace and tranquility very far from the urban noises. Only rent of House of Field. Activities: Walks to horse - walks for the field - swimming pileta. Location: next to the Station of Train" Hibernations" to 10 km. of Gral. Madariaga for on the way to earth to Gral. Guido.

Farm "Las Lomas"
Historical and traditional stay of 830 has. It offers the day to pass with walks to horse or in sulky, olympic pileta, añosa grove of incalculable value, traveled guided, avistaje of birds and animals of the region, roasted Creole, tea in the park. Location: TO 12 kms. Of Madariaga, in the km. 26 of 11 route 74 to take the one on the way to earth to Juancho and to follow 10 km.

Campo "La Lonja"
To enjoy what offers the place, contact with the nature in 80 o'clock there are. surrounded of old animal prunings of farm, wild birds, walks, recreation games (bowls, soccer, disk, etc.) and games for children, or simply to contemplate the horizon. Also a true restaurant of homemade food, meat turnovers cooked in oven of mud, the best roasted, lamb or pig raised in the place and mateadas with rich sweet things. Groups of more than 20 people, maximum capacity 100 people. Location: Route 74, km. 8,500 to 18 kms/de Madariaga,


Campo "Los Aromos"
This field of 120 has. it was part of the old and renowned stay" The Chajá", today in day it is devoted to the breeding of having won Aberdeen Angus, Creole horses and petizos ponnys. Location: Route 74, km. 54

Centro Hípico "El Vasco"
Cavalcades guided by the field and to day and night Cariló. Horsemanship classes. Location: Route 11, km. 399

Cabalgatas "Islas"
It offers cavalcades guided by the field.

Cabalgatas "Iriarte"
Aided cavalcades. Photographic Safaris. Roasted Creoles.

Centro Tradicionalista "Gauchos de Madariaga
Aided cavalcade (optional with roasted)

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