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Journey slab south north
Asilo Saturnino Unzue - Mar del Plata




Capilla asilo Unzue




Capilla asilo Unzue




Museo Municipal de Ciencias Naturales Lorenzo Scaglia




Plaza Colón




Vista nocturna Plaza Colón




Playa Grande

Journey crossing the different historical areas of the city and enjoying excellent panoramics of the sea, beaches and spas.

They plows 8 km, to make in vehicle, in any it cheats but preferably of tomorrow, with the sun on the it is and smaller traffic. If carries out the journey on foot, arrive to the beginning of the walk in the bus line 511


The starting point is the round of Av. Constitution next to the Monument Alas de la Patria, homage to the Aeronautical Argentina of the year 1937. In this place, semisumergido in front of the coast, can an enormous silhouette of a ship it turns aground, removed of its it ties in the local port during a strong storm.

They are ten blocks for Camet to the Saturnine Asylum Unzué

Asylum Saturnino Unzué


Their singular style architectural guard a rich interior. The asylum Saturnine Unzue stands out from the coast for its singular architectural style with modernist impronta. Inaugurated in 1912, the work of the frances Luis Faure Dujarric was initiative of María and Concepción Unzue to serve as asylum and sanatorium for 350 girls. The sobriety of the exterior contrasts with the luxury of its interior ones and especially with its chapel, the immaculate Concepción's oratory that, in style neobizantino, it is plentiful in Italian ornaments.

In the corner with the street Black River . Exceptional building for their dimensions and exotic character. The group is articulated around the Immaculate Concepción's Oratory (MHN).
Oratory of the Immaculate Concepción (MHN)

The Oratorio  National Historical Monument from 1985. Their pieces were carried out by the Italian architect Curzio Capponetti Esegui, of the Road Flaminia 246 of the city of Rome . They dress the environment realizations in marble of Abyssinia , of Carrara and of the Proconeso; their line is Byzantine of the century of gold, the pulpit shines a first international prize of design of 1910, granted in Seville , Spain .

The magnificent pantocrator is replica of the figure of which Santa Sofía enriches, of Istanbul ( Turkey ).

All the works in carved wood and the decoration in polichrome marbles of the interior were carried out in shops of France and Italy . The work, of the arq Louis Faure Dujarric, it was finished in 1912 and carried out by the sisters' of Saturnine Unzué responsibility, dedicated to their memory. It was dedicated to orphans' asylum.

Dos squares later on, to leave down the street to the right Jumps to travel a calmer residential sector, arisen in order to century, The Perla's neighborhood, today for the local population's almost exclusive use. In the corner with the street Freedom will find the Villa Fiorito, a good example of the average pintoresquista.

Going down for Freedom toward the sea Ilegará to square Spain ; in her, It visits one another the Municipal Museum of Natural Sciences Lorenzo Scaglia.

Municipal museum of Natural Sciences Lorenzo Scaglia


With good paleontological and archaeological material, it also possesses aquarium with species of salted and sweet water, advisable to show to the children.

It can make a high one in the brown Baldassarini, next to the corner of Yrigoyen and Balcarce, the building acquaintance's residence, recycled in fashion in coffee.

Recapture the Av. It banks Fields; Ilegará to Tip Churches, to the foot of Santa Cecilia's hill, point that separates the bay of The Perla of the bay Bristol, special for panoramic views of the beaches to the south and the north.

From here, and to be the circulation in a single sense, to move down the street away from the boulevard Currents until Av. Luro; for this to continue toward the sea and then to the right down the street Buenos Aires, passing next to the Casino, until the Av. Columbus, where it turns to the left.
The Square Columbus

This square, of some four hectares, if it locates among the streets Sandbanks, Buenos Aires and Moreno and the avenues it Banks Fields and Colon. In their interior numerous sculptural works rise as the monument to Cristóbal Colon and to Isabel the Catholic, the statues of the Venus of Milo and of the Woman taking a bath that it is one replies in marble of the work that is conserved in the Museum of Louvre in Paris . This complete Square the urban group of the Ramblas and Casino.

To arrive to the sea for Av. Columbus, already passing next to buildings descriptos in previous walks, ascending and lowering the small hill of Stella Maris. To continue for the Maritime Boulevard toward the south. AI to pass End Currents will have wide panoramics of the Port and Playsa Grande. In front of Small Beach , observe other two exponents of the pintoresquismo marplatense: Villa Surula, of Baldassarini, year 1930, to the way of a house of the Swiss Alps; and immediately, Mario's residence Castagnino, 1932, with facades had in stone and elaborated brick chimneys. Later on, on the sea, the urbanization of Playa Grande.


Playa Grande


Playa Grande shows us a combined complex built in the rationalistic style of the years 30 that, besides the 8 pavilions dedicated to sanitary facilities of the spa, it possesses a building that the Yacht Club harbors Mar del Plata and terraces at different levels, with swimming pileta and underground parkings. The walk ends when arriving to the round of the Golf, from where the following one can be begun, to eat lunch in Big Beach or to return to the center. This last option is made going down for the Walk Jesus from Galíndez to the Ilegar to End Currents. It will pass next to Beach Beaches you and the Turret. Avoid the congestionamientos of hours of the afternoon, as much in season as in weekends .

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