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Urban walk in Necochea

Peatonal de Necochea
Necochea - Parque Miguel Lillo
Vista del Parque Lillo

It begins from the square San Martin. In front of this, Our church Mrs. of Lourdes. To follow 83 down the street, pedestrian very lively and commercial, until the Ravine.


From here to the right they are four blocks to the New Casino, modern complex with casino, theater, restaurant and pools, built in 1971. A block more to arrive to the entrance of the Park Miguel Lillo.


Park Miguel Lillo


This park possesses a young afforestation it has more than enough earth won to the dune that covers a surface of 500 há, with more than a million trees, most varieties of pines and other coniferous ones, with very protected corners, ideals for refuge in days of wind, capable it stops picnic afternoon or sports outdoors. The existence of so dense mass of trees attracted many flocks of migratory birds that use it as scale point in its itineraries from or toward the north hemisphere. There is a circuit in a small train to travel with children.

On the avenue 10 are the access to the Regional Historical Museum. Old helmet of Díaz's stay Vélez.

To continue until downtown for the diagonal San Martin until the street 59 (the old t remains silent Wide), taken care boulevard that takes to the square Dart Rocha.

On him, the old residences of the city, the trade more impor tantes and, to keep in mind in rain afternoons, the cinema theater Paris, very preserved, exponent of the decó.

This area constitutes a curious city-planning example of grown city turned to the sea, where the spa is a later attaché and the port an unknown fact.

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