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San Clemente Del Tuyu

playas de San Clemente



Amanencer en San Clemente



Mundo Marino en San Clemente



Ria de San Clemente

The spa is frequented preferably by families, although it doesn't leave aside the attractions for the youth. With a dense commercial street transformed in pedestrian into hours of the afternoon, it offers different types of amusement with economic prices.
In the last times, it is becoming instead of head it gives birth to house the tourism of scientific interest that visits the reservations natural neighbors.


Reserves Ornithological and Forest


The Garden of the Visits is in her, where I eat homage to illustrious visitors a tree it is planted. A group of historical trees, with sprouts of the olive tree of the wars of the Independence, San Lorenzo's pine, the magnolia of Hazel grove, the aromo of the Pardon, Sarmiento's fig and others. During the days of week it is illustrated on the processes of afforestation.

A lateral street takes until the tranquera; if it is closed it can consent down the street external of earth to the Nursery Cosme Argerich.


Greenhouse Cosme Argerich


Through a walk among trees of great size will be able to listen the wonderful song of the birds, of 30 different varieties. The nursery was founded in 1935 by the Direction of Vialidad, when the tasks of fixation of dunes began. It begins the works the agricultural Francisco Farmers with five workers, scarce economic means and the acquired experience from the year 1924 in the nursery dunícola of Miramar. The support received by the stay The Tuyú made possible the subsistence. The dunes were fixed with medic, esparto and numerous arboreal species. Among them poplars, sallows, wickers, pines, eucaliptus, cypresses, etc.


Continuing for Av. Talas del Tuyú are ACA the arrival to Park; from there a diagonal to the right takes to street 1, where it is the urban and commercial equipment, also developed on Av. San Martin that opens up toward the left. This tract becomes pedestrian at night.


It can visit one another the Regional Museum of History and Natural Sciences

Regional Museum of History and Natural Sciences

It is in street 3 among Coastal and 1 in a simple local of commercial gallery: areas of tourist information, histories on the ships collapsed in the costs, samples of fossil remains of animals, standing out the information has more than enough whales and vertebras. San Clemente's Roman Parish.

Fishing Pier
It was built with armed concrete. It is 129 meters long and 4,50 wide with a variable height between 3 and 4 meters. It has public bathrooms, restaurants, rent of rods and bait sale. The night illumination is excellent. The fishing allows to obtain species like corvine, brótolas, mackerels, cornalitos, shrimps, anchovies, real whiting and soles. It opens up the whole year the 24 hours.
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