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To lagoon of Los Horcones and El Rosario













For late or cloudy and windy day in the beach; ideal for those fond of the practice of wind surf, sailing ship, kayak, canoe or boat. Crafts are authorized with electric motors for fishermen.
To 14 km from the round of RP11 and RP74.
Km 0 in the round. To continue for the RP74 road toward the city of Madariaga . In km 11 are the aeroclub Pinamar. To the height of the km 14, turning to the right for consolidated road, not passable in days of rain, a tranquera is crossed after the first curve and you arrives to the lagoon and Club of Fishermen San Nicolás.

The natives of these lands, fond of the mystery legends, count that in the vicinities of what is today Pinamar, one century behind a foreign craft of great size shipwrecked; two siblings survived, Ilamados Pitch that brought a great provision of seeds that were able to save. They settled down in the vicinities of a lagoon of brackish water, suffering several violations to their property, since the neighbors believed that they were possessors of an incalculable treasure. They ruined their sowed fields trying to discover the buried treasure, until finally the Pitch, tired, they abandoned the place leaving a cultivated fringe, where thousands of yellow flowers grew in clusters; that era the valuable treasure that bequeathed: the medic.

This lagoon, capable for the sport fishing, it is a particular property leased by the Club. With an extension of 300 há, it has a half depth of 1 m of brackish and low water their flow in time of dry. Pejerrey is fished, bagre, tararira and shrimps with cane of rushing or of pulse, embarked or from the riverside. It has been sowed in the year 1982.

In a reduced space it has been created a natural reservation of flora and fauna that it corresponds to the different strata of the floor. It counts with arboreal as pruning, bull shade, coronillo and herbáceastotoral, duraznillal, espartillal and juncal and also wild flowers, as violet and lily.

The fauna has diversity of birds: swan of black neck, goose, flamenco, macá, duck, stork and others.

It is prohibited the commercial fishing, the use of nets and polluting motors. For reports on the state of the road: Secretary of the Club of Fishermen, with the tel 319.

From the one on the way to access earth from the route, where the poster indicates to The Salted one, it will be 10 km later on the tranquera of the chacra Legarreta. With authorization of the in charge one and I pay of the visit, you arrives at the Lagoon The Rosario that owes their name to the legend of the place The Prunings, where a treasure of jewels and viceregal porcelain would have been buried under a pruning, of which lolled a rosary. A girl of the family of the Alzaga that walked horse, returned to the houses with a rosary among the hands; in vain, the adults treated that she explained where she had found it. In the region, hundreds of prunings will hide the mystery forever.

There one can fish pejerrey, mojarra, shrimps, bagre toad and tararira. The chacra Legarreta allows the fishing in oar boat and of coast.

The chacra Balcarce only allows the coast fishing. It is a lagoon of fresh water, of half depth of 1 m and 1.700 surface há.

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