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Cultural activities in Villa Gesell







Numerous they are the activities proposed along the whole year, some with a very important presence, affirmed in several years of existence. In a brief review they are distinguished:

  • Sport competitions
    They include paddle, tennis, pole, rugby, aquatic sports, marathon for the city, golf.
  • South American of Chess Interempresario
    It gathers foreign participants of first level. It organizes the South American Federation of Chess Interempresario.
  • Olympics of Lawyers
    In April, it organizes them the College of Lawyers of the County of Buenos Aires.
  • Medical olympics From Buenos Aires
    In December they unite to the Pharmaceutical Olympics and of the Confederation of the Republic Argentina.
  • Encounters Corals of Summer
    During more than 25 years in uninterrupted form are carried out in the month of January, in the Natural Amphitheater. The Asoc organizes. of Encounters Corals Villa Gesell.
  • Argentinean days of Independent Cinema
    In April, UNCIPAR organizes.
  • Party of the Virgin of Copacabana
    It organizes it during the month of August the collective Bolivian resident, with colorful procession of disguises for the streets.
  • Winterfest
    It has dinner and dance with German typical orchestra.
  • National party of the Race
    In October, with musical shows, parade of coaches and a giant paella.
  • Schuberteadas
    Cycle of camera music in the month of December; next to the Annual Living room of Artistic Picture, they complete a rich cultural panorama.
  • Safari of the Costa
    It is born as careers in the dunes, from Villa Gesell until Blue Sea, with vehicles of double traction. The Car Club dedicates the circuit denominated Dunes Geselinas, at the end of Av. 3. At the moment it is made by different towns of the coast.
  • Night of Carnival
    Night of Carnival Parade of processions and dance organizadopor the Association of proprietors. It takes place in February.
  • Cycle of Jazz
    Cycle of live Jazz Diverse recitals in the square the weekends in March. All the shows are gratuitous.
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