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Hiking of Lahuen Co to the Lake Huechulafquen
Lago Huechulafquen

Pesca en el Lago Huechulafquen

Pesca en el Lago Huechulafquen
This is a voyage to carry out November to March, the road begins at 1 hour of the thermal baths of Lahuen-co that are located to 64 Km . of Junín of the Andes, going for the route 62 that it takes to the international step Carirriñe.

From the beginning of the walk the forest is closed. There is only an open sector, a little later on, where it is possible to see some dispersed pehuenes. The relief is flat during an itinerary. Then some ascents begin and the forest closes another time. It is a very particular forest, with characteristic of forest valdiviana.

To approximately 45 minutes we cross a stream with enough flow. It usually has some fallen trunk that allows us the step. Of there the relief continues from now on very broken until we arrive to a pampas where stands out a dense formation of cane colihue. Most of these plants are dry as consequence of their floración, happened in the spring of the year 2000.

It is an ecological event that happens in massive form every 60 years. The canes close on the path giving us the sensation of being crossing a tunnel. Immediately after crossing a tranquera we enter to a place something confused, where several chopped they cross. We are in the funds of the lake Paimún.

In some places there are willing trunks as sleepers; they are old roads lumbermen, now lost between the vegetation and the mud. Before a sawmill worked in this place. Of that time it is an old locomóvil and herrumbrado, surrounded of mint. To the northeast, an unavoidable presence: the Lanín.

In the funds of the Paimún it is not admitted to camp neither to make fire. To recapture the main path we leave of the locomóvil. There is an indicative poster. The itinerary to the house of Don Aila is very marked, it is quite plane and it doesn't present difficulties. We cross a tranquera and we enter to this old resident's lands. Something later on their house is.

The place is very open: some green hills that give to the lake, cut by some trees. The livestock breeding during many years produced this prairie landscape. This place is the suitable place to camp. We recommend to consult Don Aila that usually walks somewhere around, controlling their country property. On the contrary riverbank you leave, another time, the Lanín. At night, if there is moon, becomes a true show, difficult to forget.

For livestock presence, there are several prints that can confuse the continuation of the march.

The most marked path begins a little above of the house. We go by a last tranquera and we go into another time in the thickness of canes. The shades of the hill Huemules makes of this a humid and muddy place. We surround the hill that doesn't allow to see the lake for a couple of hours. It is a permanent and exhausting ascent.

Finally we arrive to a portezuelo (1200 msnm) and a slope of abrupt slope that finishes in a plain begins where there are other residents. Not very later on it is the raft about the narrowness of the lakes Paimún and Huechulafquen. Who arrive very tired, they can opt to make night in a rural camp located before the narrowness.

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