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The avenues are replete of business of all type, although the textile ones prevail, where can buy himself bigger and smaller, they are this way the Average avenue that counts with more than 20.000 trade, the avenue Pueyrredón and their perpendicular ones as Azcuénaga, Pasteur and Junín, for only to name some.

Inside their limits they are buildings declared national historical monument as which belonged to the sweet shop The Mill which front was located the the National Congress.

has passages that stand out, as the Passage Discépolo where it was the Theater Picadero and then the Open Theater. The Passage Sarmiento, everything had in Spanish mayólicas that transform it into an Andalusian corner. The passage Colombo, where it seems that the time stopped, with its tower with roof to two waters finished with a lance.

The avenue Belgrano is famous for the great quantity of mueblerías, one beside the other one in frank competition, mainly in the numeration that goes from the 1800 to the 2900. It is also in this avenue where they are most of the institutions that nuclean to the Spaniards, as the Galician Center, with their hospital open to the whole public.

In Ayacucho and Lavalle they are the cinema distribuidoras, and daily the sector is visited by journalists that attend there the private functions.

The Square Eleven, of 17.000 square meters of surface are among the streets Rivadavia, Ecuador, Bartolomé Mitre and Ecuador.

In the center it is Bernardino's Mausoleum Rivadavia, it works of the sculptor Rogelio Yrurtia and declared National Historical Monument. There the suterráneo ends of the line A and the Railroad Sarmiento and it is terminal station of hundred of collective and intercity buses, where in some hours of the day it seemed that everything Buenos Aires concentrated on her.

In Average Av. and Pueyrredón is the house of departments where Baldomero Fernández Moreno was inspired to write his famous poem "... 70 balconies and any flower."

Very attractive it is the building of Sanitary Works of the Nation, privatized today and administered by the company Argentinean Waters. It occupies the whole apple of the streets Córdoba, Ríobamba, Viamonte and Ayacucho. It is an enormous built palace to store 72.700.000 liters of water for day in whose interior doesn't almost exist rooms, because it is everything "ostentation"; from out, so that it could be placed in the means of the city, without making ugly it.

On the Avenue Córdoba the Ability of Economic Sciences is

The Municipal Museum of Cinema Pablo C. Ducrós Hicken: it is located in the street Sarmiento 2573, and it is recommended their visit especially, since it possesses the only collection in everything Latin America of filming apparatuses and project.

On Callao, the Private University of the Salvador. On the street Independence a part of the works the Ability of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Buenos Aires.

Other museums are the Bernardo TO Houssay, the Forensic Museum, in the building of the Judicial Morgue, that of Entomology of the Salvador's School, that of Natural Sciences of the School San José, that of Contemporary Art and the very recommended School" Museum Mate Esteban" of the street Azcuénaga 650, as simple as enriching as much for children as for adults. In the avenue Rivadavia and Pichincha, where the famous lyrical theater existed Marconi, today is the theater Armando Discépolo.

In Pasteur 633 were the building of the Israeli Mutual Association Argentina, (Amia), destruído for a terrorist attack in July of 1994. In that same place the mentioned institution is reconstructing.

The Church of Our Mrs. of Balvanera, it is like the one has been said that gives the name to the neighborhood; it is located in Rivadavia and Matheu and in her Leandro was baptized N. Alem and Leopodo Marechal.

The Basilica of Santa Rosa from Lima, of Pasco 432, it is one of the biggest of the city. In Step 423 are a synagogue and another in the street Pasteur.

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