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History of Balvanera

Mercado de Abasto en 1900

Mercado del Abasto en 1920
In Spain there is a valley in the county of Logroño that calls you Valvanera, place of a former bandit's conversion Nuño Oñez who made it before the appearance of the Vírgen María in the valley of the same name.

We can begin their history in 1799, when brother Damián Pérez, Franciscan religious, received in donation a land in the one that time later a chapel dedicated to Our got up Mrs. of Balvanera, the one that provided to the spiritual necessities of the scarce neighbors of the place during a lot of time.

April of 1831, 1º monsignor Mariano Medrano and Goatherd proceeded to erect the Parish of Our Mrs. of Balvanera, with that which the importance was recognized that went charging the area. Five years later the Parish had 3.635 neighbors.

It is inside the current limits of this neighborhood the traditional square of Miserere, with regard to their name there are two versions the first one mentions to the nickname with which it was well-known gift Antonio González Beaches her, owner of these lands during the XVIII century and the second that it comes from the Latin word "Misserere" that means "has compassion", related with the slaughter of animals that were sacrificed in the area in the time of the western Slaughterhouse. The square was important scenario during the English invasions and from there gift Santiago of Liniers became intimate the general William's rendition Carr Beresford.

Finally, the word "Once" are given by the date of the Battle of Pavón, September 11 1852.

In this neighborhood in the street Pasteur was the building of the Israeli Mutual Association Argentina, (Amia), the one which destroyed by a terrorist attack in July of 1994 causing about 95 dead and approximately 150 wounded.

In that same place the mentioned institution is reconstructing.
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