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History of the neighborhood
Construcción del trasbordador en 1913
Inmigrantes a principio de siglo
Medalla conmemorativa que se entrego el día de la inauguración del trasbordador
The historians coincide in pointing out to the Mouth like the place where Pedro of Mendoza founded the city of Santa María from the Buenos Aires, in 1536. Although the geographical conditions were always very adverse, they settled the famous "barrack" that were very humble constructions there where different products were stored, leathers etc.  was hardened

The area anegadiza where is this neighborhood that in fact receives their name from the mouth in which the waters of the Creek end in the River Plate, it impeded during a lot of time the establishment of neighbors' stable groups. Until principles of the XIX century the place was practically uninhabited, being among the years 1830 and 1852 when they began to settle Genoese families, being already built for then naval navy and store.

As era a typical place of sailors in passing, numerous pulperías.  opened up

The Mouth of 1870 already had a characteristic physiognomy and in 1895 it was the second section of the capital, being observed that a population of 38.000 inhabitants has more than enough, 17.000 were Argentinean, 14.000 Italians, 2.500 Spaniards and the rest of other collectives.

In 1882 it happened an extremely interesting fact. Soon after a labor conflict that culminated with a strike, a group of Genoese signed a records for which put in knowledge of the King from Italy that there was constituído the Independent "Republic of The Mouth". The general Rock in person went to the place, it removed the Genoese flag hoisted in a mast and it solved the conflict. The following day the Genoese ones baptized to a street of the neighborhood with Julio's A. Roca.

Of characteristic very particular, the inhabitants of The Mouth, were always amusing, noisy and melancholic. They spoke the dialect xeneixe - that of the Genoese ones - as if they were in their earth. They were very hard-working and fraternal, to the point that formed several institutions of community support. They published newspapers, they founded sport and cultural clubs. Given their great sensibility for the art, in the neighborhood singers have been born, musicians, poets and plastic artists, many of which have occupied outstanding places in the preference popular. 

This popular neighborhood has had an enormous diffusion through the work of two of its characterized neighbors, Benito Quinquela Martin and Juan of God Filiberto; the first one with their dedicated pictorial work almost in their entirety to the thematic boquense; the second with their immortal "Road" whose chords made know the picturesque corner well far from our frontiers.
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