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History of Mataderos


The traditional Mataderos are a quite extended neighborhood and very town that stands out, still today, to be a city mixture and field. Still today, the one that wants to see a genuine payada in Buenos Aires will be able to make it here, where this tradition stays alive as in any other Buenos Aires neighborhood.

In another order, and in terms of popular mobilization, Mataderos occupied a preponderant place in very upset moments of the Argentinean political history, since leaders of industrial establishments of the area possessed a great convocation power. At the present time preserve that profile of industrial neighborhood, with an intense traffic of big trucks; at the same time, in their extensive surface they are many houses of middle class of a single plant, sometimes intermingled with galpones and industrial deposits.

Area of fifth and of scarce population, truly more near the field that of the city, in last century the neighborhood was known as "Nueva Chicago" (of there the name of the traditional soccer team, and sport social club of the neighborhood), but after the transfer to that area of the corrals and slaughterhouses that were, up to 1901, in what today knows as Park de los Patricios , its name changed for the current of "Mataderos" and its physiognomy lost temper notably without losing for it its condition of encounter point with the field.

During the decade of the ´60 and inclusive part of the ´70 was a place of payadores encounter and thanks to its great community sense, this neighborhood marked a landmark in the history of the Capital Federal, since it was a tradition symbol and of work source especially for the classes but needy.