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Iconos de Referencia
To the south Neighborhood
Possibility to know the oldest sector in the city, where they meet the monuments with bigger historical content that still maintains the stamp of another time.
Av. Alvear and The Palaces
For the most elegant avenue in the city, knowing the most magnificent palaces in Buenos Aires. Pedestrian walk of 1 hour. To park in Recoleta, every less day on Mondays. If it is in vehicle it can sup...
Square San Martin
Pedestrian journey of 2 hours, for any day of the week.Underground parking under the square or in parquímetros around the same one. Excellent gastronomic options.
Tour in Boca Juniors Soccer Stadium
In Capital Federal , you will have the chance of visiting the installations of one of the biggest soccer clubs of Argentina and remember the glorious moments of its history while you visit Boca Junior...
Historical Wax Museum
The old house where the Argentinean Wax Museum is, is located in La Boca neighbourhood, one of the typical neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires due to its colorful houses, football and the brook
Tour La Boca
Typical neighborhood with marked port climate to influence of Italian immigration. Traveled on foot of 2 hours, advisable of Wednesday to Sunday to visit the museums.
The neighborhood of San Telmo
Attractiveness walk for the neighborhood that was the main residential nucleus of beginnings of last century, full of architecture, history and anecdotes.
Walk for the city
Traveled by the financial heart of the Argentina, among buildings that express monumentalidad, prestige and solidity, perhaps the more ones; beautiful of Buenos Aires.
Plaza de Mayo , Civic Center
Civic nucleus around which different stages and testimonies of the national life can be observed. Pedestrian journey of 2 hours
The north Diagonal
It is a journey for this avenue that begins in Av. of May until the Av. 9 of Julio. In this journey vera the commercial area of principles of the XX century.
The Avenue of May
Walk for a beautiful and active surrounded avenue of beautiful buildings that reflect modalities of century principles.
It can be carried out on foot in the term of 1 hour, in the place there are places of commercial and of food
Walk for a pedestrian sidewalk of 3 km, next to ship-museums and successive recycled docks, between gardens and paved internal streets. In the docks, select restaurants offer varied gastronomy
Area West Neighborhood of Flores
Walk for one of the traditional neighborhoods of the city. It can be carried out on foot in the term of 1 hour, in the place there are places of commercial and of food
The Recoleta
It visits to the center of cultural activities and nucleus of elegant trade, restaurants, sweet shops and attractiveness pedestrian walk.
Tierra Santa thematic park on the origin of the Christianity
Tierra Santa ( Holy Land ) is a theme park oriented to the different stages in the life of Jesus Christ, since His birth till His crucifixion and resurrection.
Buenos Aires and the route of the Jazz
Fifteen gastronomic corners in the Palermo neighborhood offer their customers the possibility of having dinner in the company of very good live jazz music. A good idea that promises to become inserted...
Of the Race track to Ravines of Belgrano
Where Palermo gets lost toward the north Belgrano, a neighborhood with own soul . Starting from the Race track they mix old big houses of tiles, modern buildings and museums to give him personality an...
Mataderos and the preserved traditions
To the south of the city, the urban and rural popular expressions are shown respectively in the splendid scenario of the Avellaneda Park and in the picturesque space of the corrals of Mataderos.
Metropolitan Museum
By the end of the XIXth century, Buenos Aires was a small city with a marked colonial style, bordered by River Plate, Brazil Street to the South, Callao Avenue to the West and Santa Fe to the North.
To Palermo Chico
An attractive Neighborhood Park with important residences of century principles, in harmonious group with having taken care of afforestation. It visits to museums.
Neighborhood of Palermo and the sports
Continuation of the previous Walk for other forests and lakes of Palermo, being able to practice or to attend different sport events.
To Palermo and the forest
Beautiful park that gathers several landmarks of cultural and recreational interest.
To square Lavalle and surroundings
Opportunity to take contact with the most important ramparts in our theater; it is a famous nucleus of cultural activities and it has the biggest concentration in bookstores of the city.
Port and coast
Possibility to travel an area of big contrasts with the particular landscape of the Port, the old one coastal, the new esparcimiento areas in front of the river and the changing perspectives of the ci...
Evita Museum
Without any exaggerated allusions to the Peronist movement, the Evita Museum simply exhibits the life and message of a remarkable woman in Argentinian history, who the poet María Elena Walsh qualified...
The night and the area of Las Cañita
Between Palermo and Belgrano, it was a place dedicated to the good one to eat growing. This way, in little time, It left building an elegant and different space, where a diversity of gastronomic propo...
Synthesis of the Capital, on foot
For who only has half-day to know the city and you wants to walk, this journey from their historical nucleus until the new commercial and cultural sectors, tinging visits to monuments historical, beau...
A trip in Balvanera
The avenues are replete of business of all type, although the textile ones prevail, where can buy himself bigger and smaller, they are this way the Average avenue that counts with more than 20.000 tra...
Synthesis of the capital, from an automobile
For who has little time, this it is a quick and synthetic vision of Buenos Aires, traveling their more outstanding nuclei, for the quickest road and with their best perspectives. For 3 hours in vehicl...
A walk for the neighborhood of Belgrano
Belgrano is one of the most residential and refined neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. It possesses great quantity of old and important elegant large houses, most typical of ends of last century.
Buenos Aires the river and their attractivenes
From Tiger to Ensenada, the coast of the river of The Silver offers a wide range of options to enjoy the rest, entertainment and sport activities.
Navigating for the Riachuelo
During an amusing turn of an hour and a half, the ship Ciudad de la Fe shows the less well-known face of the Riachuelo. The Cemetery of Ships in front of Barracas, the infamables Basin and Dock South....
Buenos Aires on a sailing boat
The Yacth Club keeps in her interiors a fascinating world of sailors, legends. A visit to this shelter for sailing boats us to set sail across the widest river in the world on board the sailing boat c...
Reserva Natural Costanera Sur
It is located in the southeast of the Federal Capital on the avenue Tristán Achaval Rodríguez, among the streets Viamonte and Brazil .
Flying in helicopter over Buenos Aires
A different and blinding form of knowing a city that is conformed by imposing buildings, monuments, parks and a great mirror of water like it is the Rio de la Plata .
Going for a walk in mateo for the forests of Palermo
The mateo , a four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage with a folding top, is special to go sightseeing around Palermo . For decades, the traditional carriages, horses and owners have left from Italia Square...
A visit for Square Dorrego
Sunday is the day on which Dorrego Square dresses up as an old lady and waits for tourists to perform its show. A kind of magic that for years has turned this place into a classical of Sundays.
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