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History of the neighborhood


Av. de Mayo a principios de siglo XX
This neighborhood keeps the whole history of the city and of the country that one can observe easily by the light of its buildings and squares almost all them today declared Historical Monuments. It was from their origins a Spanish neighborhood whose immigrants settled especially in the Av. Of May and also in the avenues Belgrano and Rivadavia.

The parties of The Reconquest and The Defense of the city, of 1806 1807, they were celebrated in the biggest Square, then called Square of the Victoria, until in 1810 it was scenarios of the Revolution of May. In 1811 the Pyramid of May, first historical monument of Buenos Aires, rose later also one year declared National Historical Monument, it is a small shaft 13 meters high in whose end was added him in 1856, the Statue of the Freedom.

In their Square it was where the independence was sworn November 13 1816 and the National Constitution in 1860. They adorn this place "the descendants" of the first hatchery of doves of Don Benito Costoya that was able to gather 5.000 copies that decked out the Square, in 1934, with reasons of the Congress colored National Eucarístico of yellow and white.
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