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Institutional centers

Center of Public Administration

The biggest concentration of public offices is around the Square of May and toward the avenue Leandro N. Alem / Paseo Colón .

Center of Offices

It understands the sector of Av. traditionally 9 of Julio, Av. Leandro N. Alem / Paseo Colón and Av. Madero, with extension to Catalinas North, Puerto Madero and Av. of the Liberator

Financial center

The City is a concentration of central houses of banks and financial, understood among the Av. Leandro N. Alem, Av. Corientes, North Diagonal and Rivadavia. A great number of branches of each one of the companies is disseminated by the whole city.

Center of Tourism information

It concentrates along the Av. Currents, from Reconquista until Maipú.

Urban schedules


Of Monday to Friday, of 10 to 15 h.

Money exchange

Of Monday to Friday, of 10 to 17 h.


Of Monday to Friday, of 9 to 13 h and of 14 to 18 h.

Stores in downtown

Of Monday to Friday, of 9.30 at 19.30. Saturdays, of 9 to 13 h.

Commercial centers (Shoppings.)

Of Monday to Sunday, of 10 to 22 h.

Central mail

Of Monday to Friday, of 10 to 20 h. Their branches open up from 10 to 18 h.

Restrictions to the traffic
They are but rigorous in the one :


Defined by Carlos Pellegrini, Av. Córdoba, Av. Leandro N. Alem, Rivadavia, Av. of May. Florida and Lavalle is permanent pedestrian streets.


Understood by Av. Pueyrredón-Jujuy, Av. Belgrano, Av. Huergo-Madero, Av. of the Liberator; with sectors of measured parking and parquímetros system that it governs from Monday to Friday', of 7 to 21 h, and Saturdays of 7 to 13 h. The controls are very severe, with application of Traps or retirement of the vehicle offender with crane and swollen tickets. The records are sold in kiosks and in positions of newspapers paymasters. paymasters.

Cultural activity
Plastic arts and exhibitions
Multiple centers in Buenos Aires offer cultural activities. For further clarity we describe them here for Walks.

Barrio de San Telmo

It harbors the Museum of Modern Art , the Foundation Forner-Bigatti and the National Museum of History .

Barrio Sur

With the Museum of the City , the Manzana of the Luz, the Museum Etnográfico and the Museum of the Engraving .

Plaza de Mayo

It presents exhibitions of institutional character in the Museum of Government's House , Historical Museum and Numismatist of the Bank Nation, Museum of the Town council and Museum of the Old National Congress .

La City

Linked to bank topics, it welcomes to the File of the Bank County and the Central Bank .

Plaza San Martín

It includes to the Museum of Weapons of the Nation and numerous art galleries along the street Florida , street Arroyo and the street Suipacha.

Puerto Madero

It will find the ship-museums: Corvette Uruguay and Frigate Sarmiento in the Port Madero , the Telegraphic Museum and Postcard in the Palace of Mail .

Plaza Lavalle

It will find the National Museum of the Theater , the Museum of History of the theater Columbus - inside the same building -, of Old Instruments and the Museum of Modern Art and the General Cultural Center San Martin.

Av. Alvear and the Palacios

It will find the Museum Fernández Blanco.

The Recoleta

It will see the Museum of Fine arts , the Cultural Center Recoleta and the Palais of Glace.

Small Palermo

With very varied collections, they are the museums José Hernández , of Ornamental Art and Eduardo Sivori .

To the Coastal ones

For the Coastal South it is located the Museum of Tracings and Compared Sculpture and the Museum of the Telecommunications . For the Coastal North, the Museum of the Aeronautical Argentina .

Cultural centers

Recoleta Cultural Center

It offers numerous and varied shows, generally in their patios

General theater San Martin

It presents numerous rooms of shows

La Plaza

It presents numerous rooms of shows

Cultural Borges Center

It presents numerous rooms of shows

Cultural Center of the South

It proposes the visitors an active participation in the many shops and exhibitions that carries out.

Music, opera and ballet

The Argentinean Mozarteum , the Music's Association Friends , the Association Wagneriana of Buenos Aires , the Grouping New Music - with the Musical Festivals of Buenos Aires - and the Foundation Harmonía organizes events. newspapers.

These take place in the Theater Columbus , General Municipal Theater San Martin , the Theater Coliseum , the Auditory of Belgrano , the Theater Operates and the Theater Avenida .
The big rooms are in Av. Currents, of-Maipú to Callao . They stand out the official enclosures of the General Municipal Theater San Martin and of the National Cervantes . The Metropolitan are also, Blanca Podestá , Intendant Alvear , Astral , Maipo , Lorange , Regina , Lasalle , La Plaza and Tabarís are 60 theaters that present different shows approximately and more than 50 music hall and restaurant-concert in the whole city.
In the center of Buenos Aires they concentrate around the street Lavalle (of Florida to Carlos Pellegrini) and along the Av. Corrientes (between Suipacha and Callao ). Today numerous rooms exist in the sector, with epicentre in Santa Fé and Callao and in Av. Cabildo and Juramento. Also, all the new shopping centers includes cinemas. The days of premiere are usually on Thursdays. There are generally exhibitions in the afternoon and at night, although some auditories also offer trasnoche functions. In the center there are around 70 cinemas, in the Buenos Aires neighborhoods 30 and in the suburban neighborhoods 20.
Of interest for children
In Buenos Aires diverse appropriate places of amusement exist for a family walk with children. We will describe the main destinations: first, those of the center of the Capital Federal and then, the most distant .

Located in Square Italy - Palermo - it is the most complete animal park in Argentina . Some of their pavilions highlight their historical and artistic value especially. It is open of Tuesday to Sunday and it charges entrance.


Botanical garden
It is located in Palermo and opens up every day


Lake of Palermo
Here you will be able to rent boats every day until the fall of the sun. It is located in Av. of the Liberator and Av. Sarmiento, in Palermo .


With a room for 360 spectators, seats reclinables and a screen semiesféric, It offers the possibility to observe the stars and the stars. It is in Av. Sarmiento corner with Av. Figueroa Alcorta, Palermo . It opens up from March to November on Saturdays to the 16.30 and 18 h and on Sundays, to the 16.30, 18 and 19.30 h. Between December and February it works on Saturdays, to the 18 and 19.30 h and on Sundays to the 18, 19.30 and 21 h. In January, It closes. During the week it is generally reserved for student groups.


Garden of the Butterflies
Following the conception of the museums alive Englishmen, this institution generates a special microclimate where butterflies of all the regions of the world are raised. Their different evolution states and metamorphosis can be seen. Attend the explanatory visits. It is located inside the Paseo Alcorta.


Walk in Train
It makes a gratuitous journey for the neighborhood of Caballito (from Av. Directory corner Emilio Mitre) through the old roads, in authentic time trams. It works on Saturdays and Sundays in the afternoon


Tierra Santa
Park with figures that represent the life and the customs of Jerusalem in the first times of the Christianity. Located in North Park in the Coastal one


Parque de la Ciudad
Located in A. Cruz and Escalade. It opens up on Saturdays, Sundays and festival, of 12 to 21 h. It has a parking beach and it charges entrance. The access is for the AU May 1 -25 - and the Av. Dellepiane until the exit to Escalade, to the left. Follow the signs. It is the biggest and modern park of amusements in Argentina . It occupies 100 there is parquizadas, with numerous lakes and sources. It is divided in five big sectors: of the future, international, Latin, fantasy and carnival, each one with important offer of mechanical games of the most varied nature, for all the ages. An air train, the aerobanda, travels all the sectors and it allows a general vision of the group. There is, also, a train that travels for the perimeter. If it only wants to look, observe the great source of waters dancers with the beautiful sound show, next to combinations of water and light. Ascend to the great tower from whose mirador, to 175 m of height and with the help of binoculars, it will be able to have the widest and extensive panoramics in the city and their surroundings, until the Uruguayan coast.


Calle de los Títeres
This space works in the Cultural Center of the South and it presents marionettes every weekend. The entrance is gratuitous and spends "the cap."

Museo Argentino del Títere
It belongs to the foundation Mané Bernardo and Sara Bianchi, and it is in Stones 905. In several rooms it exhibits puppets of different parts of the world, contained for technical and origin. There are Japanese marionettes, Englishmen, Burmese, checoeslovacos, Portuguese, Italian and a sector dedicated to the Argentineans, of a lot of historical value. It has spaces for the settings and a library. Gratuitous entrance. Consult the schedules.
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