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History of Retiro
Detalle de una acuerela de Vidal de princiapios del siglo XIX donde se ve la Plaza de Toros
Palacio General San Martín en 1910
Estación Central de Ferrocarriles, en la actual Leandro N. Alem y Corrientes
Negocio del frigorífico La Negra en Florida 864 en el año1918
With this name it is recognized to this area of the city of Buenos Aires from principles of the XVIII century.

When Garay founds the city, it settled down the you limit of the appearance, that is to say, the perimeter that contains the inhabitable apples. The public land that was the earth space that surrounded the appearance, also settled down and it separated it of the fifths, dedicated for the use common of the town.

The place was a hermit's refuge, when everything was field and wild animals. That had built San Sebastian's Hermitage, there for the XVI century. The center of the neighborhood is the paza San Martin.

It leaves of this land it was given in 1692 by the governor Oaks to the neighboring Miguel of Riglos, in a play to deceive the prohibition that lolled on the governors to acquire lands in the territory that they governed. This given land constituted half of the current Square San Martin. Toward their government's Oaks end I build a great house in their friend's land Riglos. It is baptized to the house with the name of The Retiro. It isinhabited her until left to Spain in 1704. The house is for Riglos who rented it to the Company of Guinea, in charge of trafficking black slaves in this territory, the house used it to house the slaves while they recovered of the terrible trip from its native Africa. In 1706 the company left to another place.

The House was bought in 1713, in state of abandonment, for the South it is Company, when the Treaty of Utrech allowed England to introduce black slaves, and it was used to house them in her. Also a called fortification The Battery was built, in the current square Air force Argentina, for the defense against pirates and corsairs.

Later it was built the Square of Bulls here, in a polygonal way and with capacity for 10.000 spectators. When, in 1806, the Primera English Invasion took place, the troops of the Reconquest, organized by Santiago of Liniers, arrived from Tiger, following the Riverside, entering for the Chacarita and they faced the English forces of the Grl here. Beresford. In 1807, before the Segunda English Invasion to the control of Whitelocke, they were arriving from the current Callao and Santa Faith until Marcelo T of Alvear, finding dense grapeshot and resistance lasts. Another Regiment, from the Socorro's Church, arrived bombarding the Square of Bulls; 2.500 men were resisted, being generalized a fight in the streets of the city, from here to the Square of May. Besieged by the heroic resistance, the victory took place. This way, called himself to the Gloria's place Field.
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