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Remain silent that nucleous of the trade
Buenos Aires - Federal Capital - it is a city that surprises for the enormous quantity and quality of their trade. The following ones are specialized nuclei and with good prices.

Florida Street

From the square San Martin until Viamonte is trade of factories in leather and skins of excellent quality. You will also see local of gear and jeweleries of high level .

Santa Fe Avenue

The tract between 9 of Julio and Callao gathers the last fashion in clothes and decoration, with a great quantity of local and galleries that they offer products of quality. From Callao until Pueyrredón, the business is more heterogeneous and cohabits with an important quantity of restaurants and cinemas.

Av. Quintana and Av. Alvear (and in the adjacent streets, between Recoleta and Callao ).

It highlights the elegant fashion of international level, the decoration and important and refined jeweleries.

Square Vicente López and Arenales street until Av. 9 of Julio

There are elegant and exclusive business, specialized in fashion, decoration and gifts.


It calls this way himself for their location with regard to the square and near station. It is in Av. Corrientes with center in Pueyrredón and it concentrates great trade, especially of gear, and tapestry. with relatively economic prices.

Av. Cabildo

It is in the tract that crosses the neighborhood Belgrano, with center in Juramento. Very important nucleus that highlights for their offer of juvenile garments.

Av. Rivadavia

In the neighborhood of Caballito between Acoyte and Centenera and neighborhood of Flores from Carabobo to Pedernera. There is local of gear, to moderate prices.

Shopping Centers
In general, they work from Monday to Sunday, of 10 to 22 h.

Shopping Spinetto

Located in Alsina and Matheu, with covered parking. Around a supermarket there is local of sale of articles of dressing, you are captivated sport, decoration, music and books. Open of Monday to Sunday.

Park Brown Factory Mall

It is in Av. Escalade and Av. Cruz. It has access from the Premetro and it combines with the line E of undergrounds. In their 200.000 m 2 gather a hipermercado ( 100.000 m 2) and a shopping center dedicated mainly for sale of dress articles, with inputs of first and second selection, as well as season balances. In their 47 stores will always obtain prices at least 20 lower% that the common thing. There are three local of fast food and parking for 1.200 automobiles. The hipermercado opens up from 8.30 to 22 h and the store from 10 to 22 h, every day. They propose a novel system of purchases of articles for the construction, decoration, arrangements and gardens, prepared so that you can make it for itself. .

Galleries Pacific

In street Florida , with access from the Av. Córdoba, Florida , Viamonte and San Martin. They are 150 local with a variety of articles that go from books and leathers to dress in general. The perfumes and the materials of high seam are in the first floor. In the low level there is a wide patio of foods; in the superior plants an attractiveness Cultural Center that depends on the Secretary of Culture of the Nation.

La Plaza

It is in Av. Corrientes, between Rodríguez Peña and Montevideo . It is a beautiful walk for a garden of leafy trees in downtown with two rooms of shows, restaurants and stores of books, music and gear. The local open up in schedules of trade; the local of food and the theatrical rooms, of Monday to Sunday.

Patio Bullrich

One enters for Posadas and Av. of the Liberator, between Libertad and Montevideo . It has an underground parking. You will find local of high quality with gear, decoration, books, leathers, jewels and perfumes. There are also two cinemas and a room of exhibitions. The sector is in the underground "beauty", in an atmosphere of great sophistication, with the presence of all the international big names of the cosmetic one. In their 24.000 m 2 concentrate the trade of the most refined national and world marks, and it is open of Monday to Sunday, of 10 to 21 h. The cinemas and fast foods work from Monday to Sunday, of 10 to 3 h.

Buenos Aires Design Center

It is in Recoleta and it has local dedicated to objects of good design, architecture and decoration, with great variety of articles and services for professionals of the field. The stores are located in the two levels of the underground. On them there is a great terrace with gardens and offer of fast food, with attractive views toward the Square France. The parking is covered and gives to the street Azcuénaga.

Paseo Alcorta

It is in the Av. Figueroa Alcorta and the Av. Salguero. In 100.000 m 2 offer a wide range of articles, all of first level. There are special sale of decoration products and perfumery. In the low plant it has a hipermercado, open of Monday to Sunday, of 10 to 22 h. The cinemas and local of food they work from Monday to Thursday and Sundays, of 10 to 24 h; Friday and Saturdays, of 10 to 2 h. The parking for 2.000 vehicles - in a beach that precedes to the building and in the diverse entrepisos - it is free..

Alto Palermo Shopping

You consents for the Av. Colonel Díaz and Beruti, for Arenales or for the Av. Santa Fé. There is a connection with the line D of undergrounds in the station Bulnes. It has parking for 1.000 automobiles, 65.000 m 2 cutlery, 180 local with wide range of dress products, home, decoration, leathers; travel agencies, two cinemas and patio of foods. Open of Monday to Friday, of 10 to 24 h. On Saturdays assists from 10 to 1 h and on Sundays from 10 to 24 h..

El Solar de la Abadía Shopping Center

Located in the Av. Luís María Campos and Maure, work in an old recycled building that it was factory of ice. Besides local commercial and patio of foods has two cinemas. One enters to the parking down the street Arce.

Golden Shopping

In Acoyte 52 To meters of the Av. Rivadavia at the 5000, in the neighborhood of Caballito. It harbors local commercial and patio of foods. It stands out to be a cultural center with diverse courses, shops, rooms of exhibitions and an auditory that it presents works for children and adults.

Caballito Shopping Center

In Rivadavia 5108. There is local commercial and patio of foods.

Specialized Stores


They are located along Marcelo T. of Alvear, between Esmeralda and Carlos Pellegrini.


In the streets it Salta and Alsina is diverse local with sale of cloths of all type and quality. The trade retailer is in it Salta , between Belgrano and H. Yrigoyen; the trade wholesaler, in Alsina, between Solis and Av. 9 of Julio.


In street Freedom, among Av. Rivadavia and Av. Currents, you will find diverse jeweleries, especially of purchase and sale of gold.


The Av. Scalabrini Ortiz, starting from Córdoba toward Corrientes , gathers local of sale of wools, of all types and varieties.


They are located in the Av. Forest (neighborhood of Chacarita), among the perpendicular streets Jorge Newbery and Federico Lacroze, where they concentrate factories of country and other nylon coats.



In Av. Corrientes, among Av. 9 of Julio and Callao , it concentrates most of bookstores of Buenos Aires . Open of Monday to Sunday until midnight. Other bookstores in Av. Santa Fé between Callao and Pueyrredón, new nucleus in formation of bookstores of good quality, some specialized ones in art books. In almost all they will find a special section of infantile literature.

Fair of Used Books

In Square Lavalle located in the streets Lavalle and Libertad. Open of Monday to Friday, of 10 to 18 h.. Also in Centennial Park . It assists from Monday to Saturdays, from the 10 h.

Fair of Books of Second Hand

It is in square Italy (Av. Santa Fé between Thames and Oro) and it has abundant school texts. It is opens up from Monday to Sunday, of 10 to 18 h, although many local work only the weekends.


Street Defense

Here will find the biggest nucleus of sale of furniture, porcelains and old objects of high value. Open of Monday to Sunday, of 10 to 19 h.

Square Dorrego

This site is of the traditional fair of antiques that is carried out on Sundays, from 10 to 18 h..

Barrio Norte

It welcomes important houses of it finishes off of furniture and art objects. Two of them are in the area of Libertad and Posadas . The other ones are located in Libertad and Juncal, and in elegant petit hotels of the area.

Autochthonous crafts

Argentinean crafts

It is located in Montevideo at the 1300; it exhibits and sells products. (Without ends of lucre)

Casa de la Defensa

In the neighborhood San Telmo, in Defense 372. It has a market of crafts traditional Argentinean and numerous commercial local in the adyacent of the square San Martin.

Urban crafts

Feria de las Artesanías and Argentinian Popular Traditions


It is located in the Av. Lisandro de la Torre and Av. De Los Corraless - neighborhood of Mataderos -, in the property that housed to the old butcher shops whose buildings are today national monument. Here they take place parties gauchos, competitions of rings and traditional games, dance and folkloric festival. There is also a fair of crafts and it offers of typical foods. It works on Sundays and festival, of 11 to 19 h. (Collective 36, 55, 63, 80, 97, 103, 117, 141, 155, 185, 126.)

Calle Caminito

In The Boca. Schedule: of Monday to Sunday, of 10 to 18 h.

Manzana de las Luces (Mercado de las Luces).

Schedule: of Monday to Friday, of 10.30 to 19 h.

Plaza de las Artes

Plazoleta of the Franciscans in Defense and Alsina. Fair of arts and antiques Open up on Fridays, of 10 to 18 h.

Square France

It trades with positions of sale of accessories, silver objects, German nickel, ceramic, leather and wool. It opens up Saturdays and Sundays, from the 10 h.

Centennial park

This fair assists Saturdays and Sundays, from the 10 h until the fall of the sun.

Square Belgrano

It trades: Saturdays and Sundays, of 10 to 18 h.

Square Mitre

Located in San Isidro , opens up Saturdays and Sundays, of 10 to 18 h.

Flowers and birds


The biggest offer in the city is in it Acuña de Figueroa, between Corrientes and Sarmiento (neighborhood of Almagro). It works from Monday to Saturdays, of 4 to 10 h, but take into account that the best days to buy are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. There are station flowers and hothouse; also ornamental plants and accessories. Bigger sale.


In Av. Sáenz and Av. Perito Moreno, in a contiguous property to the station Sáenz (neighborhood of Pompeya), there is sale of birds every Sunday, of 8.30 to 14 h. The law of Protection of Wild Species limited the variety of the offer, I didn't seize the quality that is measured by its prices. Especially they are birds singers, as canaries - roler and flute, they are those most looked for ones - starlings, caulkers, doves, goldfinches and nightingales. Fish, ornamental, foods are also sold for the species, plants and diverse accessories.

Articles for the home

Av. Boedo and Freeway

You will find a great number of stores with articles for the home, appliances and electronic .

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