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From San Fernando of the Valley of Catamarca to Andalgalá


This travels places of extraordinary rural beauty for the canyon of the river Paclin and it allows imposing perspectives of the Snowy ones of the Aconquija. You will see a surprising contrast to the arrival of the field of Nativity. The Walk allows a deviation to the Park Archaeological National Field Pucará and to The Stays.

Travel of 228 km from San Fernando of the Valley from Catamarca to Andalgalá, by the RN38, RP9, RP1 and RP48, with 132 km of pavement and 96 km on the way consolidated. There are stations of service in The Merced and Andalgalá. Travel for all season, with places to camp and lodging in La Merced , Balcosna, Las Estancias and Andalgalá.


Leave San Fernando del Valley de Catamarca (km 0) for the RN38 In the km 18 are the village

El Portezuelo , with police's caminera position.

The RN38 rotates toward the north and runs among the one river Paclin and the mountain of Guayamba .

In the km 55 you arrives to La Merced , where there are a hostel and a station of service. There, connect to the left with the RP9, paved, and continue to the north traveling a beautiful countryside of undulant pastizales, with wide panoramas of summits and hollows.

It can stop next to the riverbanks of the river Paclin , in delicious corners shadowed by sallows or in the picturesque summer towns of

Balcosna (km 90) and Las Lajas (km 93).

These humid places of canyons and mountain steps are unsuspected for the travelers that come from the arid territories of the south. They belong on the edge of the subtropical forest that extends to the east of the mountains, where the rains are plentiful.

From Balcosna continue to the north, winding for the skirt of the mountain of the Potrerillo, to climb for the hill of Higuerillas ( 1.500 m ) and to arrive to The Higuerillas, in the km 108.

The route bends to the east and it ascends for the hill of Singuil , next to the equal river it names, to connect, in the km 124, with the RP1. Take toward the north (right) and, in 1 km , it will go by Singuil.

The hills offer unique perspectives in the mountains of Ambato , formidable natural barrier that reaches their biggest height in the hill El Manchao ( 4.500 metros ). Of the other side of the mountains, to the west, they expand salares and deserts.

De Singuil (km 124), o RP1 é consolidado; continua rumo ao norte para uma estrada serpentina que abre visões novas de cultivos multicores em cada curva, de fontes onde o simbol cultiva - eu pasto usado em basketwork - e de fazendas telhadas com palha valente. In The Summits of Narváez it reaches icy heights, where they pasture the flames gently. Then it descends, revealing the distant imponencia of the Snowy ones of the Aconquija whose hill The Padlock 5.450 m of altitude reaches

In the km 174 finish the hill of Narváez and crosses a river. To the right a road opens up toward The Stays and to Concepción, in Tucumán. To the left, the route continues toward Andalgalá.

From the entrance to The Stays until Andalgala is 54 km on the way serpentine that descends for the imposing hill of The Chilcas ( 1.922 meters ). A beautiful rural landscape populated by cardones will travel, with magnificent panoramic views of the gigantic one to salt of Pipanaco and the valley of Andalgalá . It is absolutely advisable to make this tract by day, to enjoy their attractiveness.

The last 8 kms extend for the RP46, paved. In the km 228 will arrive to Andalgala