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From Resistencia to Presidencia Roque Saenz Peña



This tract will allow him to stray to the National Park Chaco and to know the varied flora and fauna of the region, to finish in an important thermal city, second of the county and nucleus of the production of the white gold. It highlights for their progressive character, of growing modernity. There will be able to visit more complete one of the zoological ones as for representative fauna.

They are 147 km for an on the way to well demarcated and signalled asphalt that has all the services on the route. There is a toll station in the km 42 and supply of fuel in Resistencia and Presidencia Roque Saenz Peña.


San Martin of Resistencia leave from the square (km 0) for Av. May 25. Continue until the end, where it connects with the RN11. Turn there to the right and continue toward the north until the intersection round with the RN16. Take to the left, in address to it Jumps.

The first tract is characterized by the recreational complexes and campings of the Educational Mutual Association and of the Medical Federation of the Chaco . In the km 8, to the left, an access paved toward the town of Port Tyrol is born. Right, the Center of Spiritual Retiro of the Catholic church is a little later on, by hand. In the km 13, to the left, it leaves a deviation to Villa Jalón, of historical importance since is part of the first colonies of occupation of the National Territory of the Chaco . When arriving to the km 16, to the right will see the Station Transformadora Port Bestiani that receives energy of Yacyretá and of Rail N.E.A., to distribute it to the interior of the county and the region.

In the km 37, to the left are the access to the town of Makallé . Approximately 1 km later on is a station of service with dining room-inn and a grove to rest. In front of this it leaves an on the way to 2 km of earth to Ruins Outpost, little maintained and with abundant vegetation; it drives to the remains of the outpost, where there is a monolith with commemorative badge.

In the km 39 will cross the roads of the railroad and will see, to the right, a sale of ceramic gavels and other products of the colonies of Makallé. In the km 42 will arrive at the toll station that has sanitary services, public telephone and fresh drinks. In the km 56 will find a bifurcation that, to the right, it takes to the National Park Chaco.

Continue toward the west (right). In the km 96, in front of the station of service, it is the access to President's town V. of the Square and, 1,5 km later on, they are the Rural Society and the police control. There it crosses an on the way to earth that leads to the towns of General San Martin, Charadai and Santa Fe . This part of the route is characterized by the country properties of cattle exploitation.

In the km 115 will see a park industrial lumberman where it is manufactured from coal until furniture. After 2 km , will find to the right the access, paved and tree-lined, to Machagai. In the crossing there is a dining room-inn.

The following tract of the route lapses for a landscape of more open vegetation, with distant mounts. In the km 130 the deviation is born to the left to the Aboriginal Colony of the Chaco , one of the establishments of native more important of the county. About 4 kms later on, to the right, there is a paved access and tree-lined to Quitilipi, where in December is carried out the Fair of Crafts Chaqueñas that exhibits pottery works, basketwork, fabric, leather and armory taken place by the different native ethnoses.

Then, from the road, will be able to see the silos of the Commercial one I Center Chaqueño, where cotton, a characteristic product of the Chaco is gathered. In the km 135, to the right, there is a dining room and, a little later on, the Municipal camping site of Quitilipi, with shade places, courts of bowls and soccer, quinchos, grills and sanitariums. In other 2 kms will find a crossing of roads, where for the left it is entered to the town of Villa Berthet and for the right to the Park Provincial Pampas of the Indian (descripto in the Walk 2). In this area, they dominate the landscape of the RN16 vast cotton plantations.

In the km 155 will arrive to an intersection round with the RN95 (paved), where there are an inn and a station of service.

Continue for the RN16, and in the km 157, take the deviation to the right (without round) that will take it, down the street Carlos Fernández, to Presidencia Roque Saenz Peña  

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