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History of Gaiman

This population of 4.642 hab this located in the center of the Inferior Valley of the river Chubut, in tight urban appearance among the course of the river, to the south, and salient stony in thatched top north. Their conserved village air, with typical houses, fertile chacras, beautiful chapels and the ritual of the tea, they make of Gaiman the one it pierces and symbol of the Welsh-Argentinean tradition.

In 1874 and the following year, they arrive at the place new colonists of Wales and USA that it pushes with having renovated settler they add lands to the cultivation, and Gaiman will be born this way.

Ten years later it would be the first municipality of the territory of the Chubut.

The company of the railroad promoted by a local meeting in Gaiman dió origin, in the year 1886, to the poblamiento of Trelew and Port Madryn.

In the year 1908 the station of the F.C.C was built. in Gaiman. In 1909, the rails arrived to the town. Later on, they continued toward the west, until the town of High the Feathers, to almost three hundred kilometers of Gaiman.

For this reason the Tunnel was built in the year 1914, the one which atravisa one of the thatched tops that is in the north riverbank of the town. With more than two hundred meters of longitude and their matter forms it curves, it opens its black mouth to the tourist like I move witness of a time in that, for its bowels, the train ran uniting hopes and populations.

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