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Taking the famous Welsh Tea

Casa de Té en Gaiman

Casa de Té en Gaiman
An encounter with the welsh customs takes us back in time. We have the famous welsh tea, sharing vivid and historical moments amidst delicious homemade cakes , bread and jams.

We took the farms road, passing by the various Welsh chapels and agrotouristic undertakings located along the way.

In the center of the small town we brake in one of the so many houses of tea to celebrate a daily ceremony: the tasting of the famous Welsh tea. The elected establishment for our guide was Ty Gwyn.
The house that we were visiting was built 30 years ago. Their architecture and decoration, with utensils that the first colonists of the place used, preserve part of the rich history of the family that knew how to transmit their tradition to the later generations.
An immense full tray of cakes was deposited in our table. “Like says the propaganda, I take 5 minutes and I take a tea.”

We prove the exquisite cakes that had prepared with the warm Welsh tea served in a fine cup of porcelain.
Tea drinking is a ceremony that the dwellers of the Chubut River valley have incorporated since the arrival of the colonists and that today is part of the culture of the place.

The pleasant and aromatic beverage that Sonia brought was accompanied by the typical Welsh cake, cream cake, nut cake, apple pie, chocolate cake and fruit cake, as well as some delicious home-baked bread, butter, jam and some cheese sandwiches that satisfied our appetite.

Around 18.30 o'clock we culminate our tea with cakes. For that then had already decided not to have dinner. We were broadly satisfied.

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