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History of Puerto Madryn
It is approximately one of the strongest cities in the Patagonia with 45000 inhabitants. Framed by the plateau that goes down as a natural amphitheater to the gentle New Gulf.

Their origin is port, of deep waters and it is, also, industrial city (aluminum) and fishing. It is also tourist, pioneer of the activity subacuática of the country, support point to visit the surprising and only Peninsula Valdés.

This city is attractive, and with excellent services, pretty central beaches skirted for beautiful and residential coastal. It is headquarters of the CENPAT, scientific organism of studies patagónicos of the National University of the Patagonia.

The tourists of transatlantic cruises that make scale here will enjoy with the demurrage and they will be able to contemplate frank whales that complete a phase of their vital cycle in these gulves.

The New Gulf, well-known from old for the marines, it was raised neatly by the admiral's people Fitz Roy between 1826 and 1836. Of their letters and reports (1839) the promoters of the movement Welsh settler were been worth.

The town New Bay is born as rancherío, prepared by the members of the organizing commission to receive to the contingent of colonists. They were Lewis Jones (typographer), Edwin Roberts, resided in USA and the captain sir Love Jones Perry, of the castle of Madryn in Arfon, of there the name of the Port.

July 28 1865 arrive to Bay New 153 Welsh in the Finicky ship. The group composed it tailors, shoemakers, carpenters, doctors, brickmakers, miners, but surprisingly, very few farmers, considering that the goal was to cultivate the inferior valley of the river Chubut (Chupat in that time). The demurrage was painful and brief, at the end of that year the transfer was completed to the valley of the Chubut.

The village assisted the roadstead until experiencing a growth with the construction of the railroad Bay New-Trelew for the Company Ferrocarrilera of the Chubut. The peak of the cultivation of the wheat in the valley and the high price of the marine freight from Rawson to Buenos Aires and exterior decided to Welsh to trace an on the way to iron to reduce costs. Advancing from the ends completed the work of union in 1888.

Twenty years later fishing activities begin in Madryn with Depolo, Kovancich and Marinkovich. In the years 60 a brief commercial expansion takes place, for the establishment of the area free to the south of the parallel one 42.

But the current growth is sustained in the radiation de ALUAR (Aluminum Argentinean CORP.) in 1973-74. The 6.700 inhabitants of 1970 were 20.000 in 1980. The company, of Argentinean capitals, together with official organisms, lifted numerous neighborhoods. For 15 years it increased the fishing capture and the installation of companies procesadoras. These two activities and the tourism caused an effect multiplier of related works that give agility to impulse to the city of Madryn.
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