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Sunset Viewpoint

To few Km. of Río Mayo you will be able to rest your look in an inhospitable place, full with peace and tranquility, special to meditate and to pass good moments with friends in one of the most beautiful natural miradors in the Patagonia .


To this special place, you will be able to him to find on the western thatched top, on the one that is located to consent to the Mirador Evenings", you will have to go by a smoothed area that is the surface of the thatched top where you will be able to arrive in automobile. It is convenient that this place establishes it as parking beach, from where you will be able to make a look with a good angle of vision.

Then you will have to go for the natural perron, toward the main rocky formation, here it is good that you pay attention for where pisás, because the steps of solid rock can play you a bad play.

After making some balance, you will arrive to the main rocky formation where the properly this mirador is summoned. This sector this compound for a formation of solid rock that stands out of the slope of the thatched top, with an approximate surface of 8 m2 .

To enjoy what the nature confers you! Soon you will be able to appreciate from this inigualable natural area, moments characteristic of these regions of the south hemisphere and of the world. You will see a view impactante where you will be able to take pictures and to be impressed. Beautiful declines and magic dawns, will rejoice you from this region, especially in the summer season, where the shows that offer are inigualables.

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