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Rio Mayo

During the expedition like first Governor of the Territory of the Chubut , the Cnel. Jorge Fontana was attended by Gregorio Mayo who explores during January of 1885 and he discovers the river that the aboriginal ones Aayones called, in Tehuelche "Earth of Swamps."

Fontana designates to the place Río Mayo in homage to its browser, there would go settling later years the well-known population as Step River Mayo or also Under River Mayo.

The town is believed August 22 1935 finally. and January 9 1941 the Government of the Chubut solves the creation of the first Commission of Development, being the first president the sr. Rafael of the Source.

In 1944, the Spanish Savino Bancilla enabled the Hotel Covadonga, base of the today almost missing trade salesmen that walked for the Patagonia . , the place had assembly hall that gave space to plays, cinema and school festejos in other times.

In the raw winter, of snow and wind, the assistants took their small stoves to kerosene to be sheltered during the functions. The Hotel, modernized, conserves the old seats Thonet in its restaurant.

In the area takes advantage the eolic energy with mills of wind that work bombs or they load accumulators.

Their main activity is centered in the cattle raising and in the month of November is carried out the National Party of it Shears it.

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