Turismo en Chubut , Argentina
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Río Mayo
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   Río Mayo 
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From Río Mayo to International Pass Coihaique


Snub horizon, with retired serranías during the first 50 kms.. It will circulate for the south band of the river May, serpenteante, below. Spectacular helmets of stays.
They are 123 km .. All rubble, except for 3 km .. Load fuel before leaving. In Village Beleiro, lodging. In landmark 45, National Gendarmería and Customs. Schedule of summer: 7 to 23 h. In winter it closes for snow, to consult in Gendarmería, Squadron 38, I Laugh May. To Coihaique, Chile, 50 km ..

From Río Mayo(km. 0), cross bridge I laugh May, it goes by military area and north thatched top climbs.

In km. 3 come out to right RP22 to Sarmiento (and Commodore Rivadavia). Continue for RN40 and overlapping with RN26.

In km. 10, the RN 40 continue to High River Senguer, take to left. Advance for good rubble, in km. 56 cross Río Mayoand it accompanies him for south band.

In km. 75 access to doctor Red Ricardo to right, 300 inhabitants' town that takes the specialist's name and man of letters.

In km. 96 spend for place High Río Mayoto right. There to left, eventual housing in Hostel Sumay Huasi. In km. 108 will be able to appreciate magnificent chalet and English park of Stay The Stocking Moon .

In km. 118 are Village Beleiro, and traveling 5 km . more arrives to the comfortable building of National Gendarmería Argentina and Customs of the Landmark 45.

If it advances for the same route, in 50 km . it will arrive to the city of Coihaique , in Chile .