Turismo en Chubut , Argentina
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History of Sarmiento



In the past the place was an important troncal of the raked tehuelche. Recognized by the English Musters and the browser Carlos Moyano who in 1880 it looked for «the route of the harness». The rifleros of the Chubut and their boss, the Governor Fontana (1884), they met here with Juan Acosta who spurred on livestock from Black River anything less than until Magellan's Strait.

In 1895 the Social Club of Gaiman asks the National Government to found a colony to the south of the big lakes. In 1898 the first colonists, Welsh, arrive continued for Lithuanian in 1910 and boers in 1920. The pioneer Francisco Pietrobelli called it Ideal Colony and opened roads to Shrimps and Bay Tilly.

The railroad Commodore Rivadavia-Sarmiento (wide trail), projected to arrive to the mountain range of the Andes, it was closed in 1970. The cultivation bases of this scolding oasis it was always the medic, but their apples and the tomato platense are known.

In the Stay El Relincho, Adam García, of fraternal relationship with the aboriginal ones, worked with intelligence in favor of horses of Creole race. Of here they were Cat and it Stains that of the rein of the Swiss Tchieffely Buenos Aires united with New York in the decade of 1920.