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Histories of Trelew
Museo paleontológico Egidio Feruglio



Museo paleontológico Egidio Feruglio



iglesia de Rawson
It is a city located to 68 Km of Port Madryn. Their strategic location favored the commercial development as center of services of the region, nucleus of communications, transport and industry and base of tourist activities of national and international level. It is the city of bigger commercial and financial development of the province. It possesses an important air traffic and it is connection point with the region cordillerana, through the National Route 25 that it communicates the coast with Esquel.
Thanks to a rich strongly ingrained Celtic tradition in their people and an intense cultural activity, they stand out popular parties as the Eisteddfod, the International Contest of Choirs, the Tea of Gwyl and Glaniad; and also their parks and reservations and important paleontological museums. The city arose, in 1886, around a railroad station with the objective of transferring agricultural products from the valley of the river Chubut toward the New Gulf Madryn.
The initiative of this creation owes to Lewis Jones and in homage to this pioneer takes its name Trelew, since in Welsh language means Town of Luis.
It is the first urban mass of the Welsh rural colonization. Always it was the politics-administrative capital of the National Territory and, from 1957, of the County of the Chubut, factor that the signó until our days. Their agricultural environment didn't prosper, before difficulties with the water for watering and the saline floors.

In August of 1854 the English merchant arrived to this place Henry Libanus Jones, with Italian, German adventurers, Englishmen and Creoles. They came the livestock that believed abundant to explode. They found bones, but not alive animals. Penned by the lack of foods and of perspectives, they abandoned the place in 1855. The first intent served as jalón.

The demolished Old Outpost that here existed the Welsh took advantage in their arrival in 1865 and they were founded at August 10, Tre Rawson (town of Rawson) in homage to the Secretary of the Interior that impelled the establishment. In September of 1865 the Colonel Lees lowered from Carmen of Patagonian with orders of Buenos Aires, and it hoisted the flag like official ceremony of the establishment of the colony and demonstration of sovereignty.