Turismo en Chubut , Argentina
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To Chile for international pass Futaleufú
Cascadas de Nant y Fall
Cascadas de Nant y Fall

Magnificent alternative of to cross the mountain range and to continue to the Pacific along the valley of the river Futaleufú.

From Trevelín they are 38 km until the frontier. Cautions in autumn, winter and spring for not well state of the road. In summer to consult for ferrys of Southern Highway and connection to Chiloé before undertaking the trip..

National Route 259 to Trevelin also leads to the bridge over the river Grande or Futaleufu, in the proximities of the port from where the Raft left to cross the river to the frontier.

In its proximities there are three interesting attractions: Nant and Fall Cascade, the Pisciculture Station on Arroyo Baguilt, and a Hydraulic Flour Mill.

Futaleufú is a picturesque little village in Chile 10 km . from the border, in a valley with a microclimate that favors the production of fruit and vegetables.

Houses are made of timber in a typical Chilean style.

This outing covers a distance of 140 km . If you are planning to cross the frontier, you should carry your documents and find out the timetable of the ferries of Carretera Austral and the conection to Chiloé