Turismo en Chuibut , Argentina
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Trevelín - Chubut
   Comodoro Rivadavia
  Pto.Madryn- Piramide
   Río Mayo 
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Iconos de Referencia
Visiting Trevelín on foot
A journey for this charming city of the Welsh community that possesses an original layout
Walk in automobile for Trevelín
This walk allows to know the surroundings of the city of Trevelín , in the itinerary the Hydroelectric Complex is known Futaleufú, and other places of interest
A walk to the Cascades of Natt and Fall and the museum of the Mill
The Museum of the Mill like complement, in their interior, exhibit a series of elements of use newspaper in the home of Welsh, musical instruments, vitrola, machines of sewing, blenders, irons, agricu...
To Lake Rosario and Colored Sierra for Route 17
This journey constitutes the best option to discover the other millennial culture that, when meeting with the Celtic of the Welsh pioneers it conferred Trevelin its exclusive personality: The Mapuches...
To El Corcovado y Lago Gral. Vintter
Journey to the south end of the Trevelin and continuation to the beautiful one and General Vintter, the most southern in the lakes norpatagónicos .
Regional museum of Trevelín
In this museum this the wonderful history of this town and their parents founders, their trips, their martyrs, their sacrifices and their victories visiting this moving museum that is open to the publ...
To Chile for international pass Futaleufú
Magnificent alternative of to cross the mountain range and to continue to the Pacific along the valley of the river Futaleufú.
Fishing in the basin of the River Futaleufú
In the National Park Los Alerces a complex system of lakes allows the fishing of all type of trouts
Fishing of trouts in Trevelin
To 22 Km . of Esquel, and to only 18 Km . of the National Park Los Alerces, the Town of the Mill is a true "Paradise of Fishermen."
Cavalcade of the rifleros
This cavalcade of a day of duration lapses in one of those but of 20 spectacular circuits opened up in Trevelin for the practice of this exciting activity.
Cavalcade in the Lake Bagulit
This beautiful lake cordillerano , recently declared Tourist Natural Reservation, it is located to the foot of the Conical Hill, limit natural Argentinean - Chilean from whose imposing glacier lowers ...