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To San Marcos Sierra
San Marcos Sierra


San Marcos Sierra
San Marcos Sierra
San Marcos Sierra


San Marcos Sierra


Visits to a singular town whose inhabitants are lovers of the nature and they share a special liking for the life naturist.

They are 90 round trip km for pavement from Capilla del Monte; crossing numerous streams. The fords require caution in intense rainy seasons; nevertheless, the circulation was facilitated with the execution of a bridge in 1995. Ideal for one day in any time of the year, especially in summer.


From Capilla del Monte (km 0) to take RP38 toward the north for exit 2. In the area of the stream Charbonier (km 10) will see to their right, very reduced for fires, the palmar with palm copies country Trithrinax that appear again in the northeast area of the county.

Advancing for RP38, in km 30 enter to the left for paved road. A little later on crossing the roads of the Industrial Brunch that Quilpo goes to Quarries and in km 35, the recently inaugurated bridge, to continue among vine plantations and fifth that sell its products directly and abundant positions of sale of honey. It finishes the pavement in km 44 to San Marcos ' entrance Sierra


San Marcos Sierra


A km is ahead wing square it arrives, where a kiosk of tourist reports works. In front of this is the historical chapel that was built after 1671 when gift Alonso Luján Medina bought the stay San Marcos and it planted the first ones fruit-bearing. It was remodeled in 1734 and it conserves San Marcos ' primitive images, the Rosario 's Virgin and the Nazareno, all wooden policromada.

Next to the chapel it is on foot the hill of The Cruz,accesible for a path that is born to 150 m of the square and from where there are a beautiful view of the town and the vegetable gardens of the valley. To 200 m of the square it will arrive at the river San Marcos ; going back will find it the camping site The Gulch with pool and appropriate infrastructure. From here it can begin a walk to The Taking, following a paved canal, and to the old mill.

Crossing the river San Marcos and near the square it arrives to a campings area, bungalows and other services. The community that San Marcos inhabits, increased with groups hippies, it is composed by lovers of the life in the nature that are devoted to work the earth, to the handmade elaboration of sweet and preserves, and fundamentally to the production of honey of excellent quality; he doesn't stop to prove it. It is an ideal place for those who want to move away from the noise of the cities and to make healthy life.

In summer it is visited by backpackers' infinity and in the first days of February is carried out the Festival of the Honey.


Where to house and to eat


There are hostels and lodging houses that serve vegetarian and macrobiotic food, and they supplement their services with yoga, walks and orientation naturist. Next to the square has restaurants of family climate and homemade food.

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