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From Córdoba to Pilar and Rio Segundo for RN9
























Trip that offers the opportunity to know to nice chapel and small archaeological museum.

They plows 80 km going and turn from Córdoba, for half-day, or one day with lunch in Pilar's grills or enjoying the river in summer. Option for RN9 or for freeway. This is the final tract of the RN 9 Fuel in Córdoba, Río Segundo and Pilar


From Córdoba to take RN9 south, passing in front of the Arch of Córdoba and to the Center of Communal Participation (km 0). It will pass in front of the one Complex Industrial Fiat , today integrated by Cormec - dedicated to the production of boxes of speed and motors of automobiles for Sevel Argentina -, Fiat Chrysler (Iveco) that, big motors diesel, and Materfer takes place (closed today) that produced new and reconditioned rail material. Each one of the plants admits guided visits, to be concerted in their respective departments of Public Relationships.

The route has a quite narrow appearance with banquinas covered with overgrowths and high density of heavy traffic, what demands wisdom. The presence of basketwork salespersons and typical products in small open kiosks the 24 hours that constitute a continuous line along the route, it is characteristic and it advances the arrival, in km 34, to Río Segundo


Río Segundo


Río Segundo is a city that arises toward 1883 in the north riverbank of the river of the same name, for effect of the railroad. Well one is worth traveled entering to the right for Av. Santa Faith; it crosses a concrete piazza and in boulevard Alem, one of the main streets, turn to their right to find, in the 1061, the one Provincial Archaeological museum Anibal Montes


Provincial Archaeological museum Anibal Montes


On the base of the collection of R. Tabares, gathers objects of the cultures sanavirona and comechingona, in its obtained majority of next locations to the Río Segundo, especially statuettes and parts of vessels, some lithic objects and remains of human skeletons that allow to study the form of prehispanic life of this culture. Worthy of it turns it is a statuette of about 8 cm of high that conserves the «sense of the chastity».

Complete the journey for Río Segundo visiting the square, the industrial plant "Of the Corn" (former factory Georgalos) that uses part of the facilities of the old Brewery Laughs Second, and, crossing the roads, the chapel. Don't stop to see the building of the old oil bottle, today peanut peladero (Av. Sarmiento among Catamarca and Salta), excellent example of industrial architecture of principles of XX century and with strong English influence.


The RN recapture 9 and for her will come closer to the Río Segundo in km 36, saved by a narrow bridge of showy metallic structure. Crossing will enter him to the town of Pilar




This town integrates a small conurbation with Río Segundo. The riverbanks of the river are accessible and in them will find areas for picnic and camping site, abundant shade, equipment, supply and even grills that you/they propose him the roasted male goat as the specialty of the area.

Following 1 km to the south for the route (km 37), it will find reference of the Chapel of the Pilar.

To visit her it turns to the left in Av. Belgrano and in 500 m will see to their right the facilities of the one Geophysical observatory clerk of the one National Meteorological service , where they are carried out meteorological observations, mensurations sismográficas and of magnetism.

Continuing for this local road until the bottom will arrive to the calm and shady property where is the Chapel of Our Mrs. of the Pilar (MHN)


Chapel of Our Mrs. of the Pilar (MHN)


It was built at the end of the XVII century by José of Sobradiel, natural of Zaragoza , of there their devotion to the Pilar's Virgin. With a stewed wooden image with silver crown, went open to the public cult in 1714 and gave the name to the place.

When being organized the service of posts in the one in route to the High Peru, the place was forced in passing. Many were those that rested there, but it is remembered in form peculiar to the Gral. Manuel Belgrano that was during 4 months with the troops of the Army of the North, awaiting pertrechos(junio to September of 1819). Very committed their health, it was forced to give the control to the biggest Colonel F. Fernández of the Cruz and to move to Tucumán September 10 1819. In the chapel it is remembered to the members of the Army of the North that were buried in the suburbs.

To posteriori, the property and the chapel they were going by different hands and in 1976 they were donated to the county by the family Lassen, becoming possible their reconstruction. Enabled in 1978, in 1979 a new image of the Pilar's Virgin, gift of the authorities zaragozanas was enthroned. annex the Institute it works Belgraniano with a specialized library.


To finish the Walk, return for the same one in route to Pilar Of there to Córdoba makes it for the freeway Córdoba-Pilar that connects with RN9 turning to the right for RP13 to Villa of the Rosario, next to the bridge on the Río Segundo. After 42 km of march it will arrive to the avenue of Circumvallation of Córdoba

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