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To Cruz Chica and Los Cocos
El Paraiso




El Paraiso




Camino a Cruz Chica




Los Cocos




Los Cocos




Aerosilla de Los Cocos


Walk for beautiful mountain landscapes, between splendid mansions and entertainments to enjoy it.

They are 30 round trip km for paved route. For one afternoon in any time of the year.


From the square of The Summit (km 0), leave for the Provincial Road toward the north, in the road it will pass in front of the The Summit Lawn Tennis Club to find the first of a series of paths that you/they climb for the mountain, inviting to explore them. In km 1,7 come out to right the access to Cruz Chica High hotel and 300 m ahead you will see the Colony S.U.P.E. (Oil Union Union of the State) in what was the elegant hotel Cruz Chica. Next to him it leaves an on the way to earth (General Alvear remains silent), rotate left and 300 m ahead it arrives to The Paradise.


The Paradise


This house that it belonged to the writer Manuel Mujica Láinez (Manucho), author of «Bomarzo»», among other works. has stayed as him left it when dying and it has been enabled as museum by the Foundation that her wife, Ana of Alvear promoted. The house, built in 1922 in Spanish style, it had belonged to Ramón Cabeza, it went by different hands and the writer bought it in 1968.

The property understands seven housings but it is only open to the public the one that he inhabited. will be able to travel being, library, and dining room, in plant lowers, as well as the bedroom, bathroom and desk of the high plant. It will appreciate an interesting heap of objects, books, pictures and memories of trips that they surrounded it as long as wrote an important chapter of the Argentinean letters. In the dependences will be able to see an interesting door of fused iron that it represents the paradise. The house is completed with a room of exhibitions and of conferences for the cultural activities of the foundation and a small bar, The Inn, where will be able to wait for a guided visit.


From The Paradise it continues on foot or in car for the road that ascends wing mountain and a little later on will have arrived at a nice chapel. There an artisan that makes baskets with honeysuckle shafts will find.

Return to the route and continue toward Los Cocos. will see beautiful parks and elegant mansions today dedicated to hotels, as The Fortress of Seville where can take the tea with cakes. In autumn it dominates the reddish color of the crataegus fences and, in summer, the multicolored of the flowers. Crossing the ford in km 4,5 will enter Cruz Grande. The fords sometimes lower torrentosos, for that reason it suits to respect the recommendations of the villagers.


In the mountain will see the facilities of the plant television retrasmisora and 1 km ahead it will enter to Los Cocos


Los Cocos


It is area of protection of the nature where the hunt is forbidden and the aromatic and medicinal plants are plentiful. Stop next to the entertainment complexes as The Rest, the Telesilla and other, ideals to visit with children. The Rest is organized with gardens, labyrinth and museums, on which was an important hotel.

Crusader the ford on the stream Los Cocos and advancing 500 m , it leaves to right the street The Prunings that it ascends to the chapel Santa Teresita from where there is a magnificent view.

It will find municipal pileta continuing for Av. Cecilia Grierson, considered the main street, since the place doesn't have spa neither a commercial center, but yes a concentration of hotels in this avenue.


The Av. Grierson turns to the left in right angle and it lowers toward the RP38. In street Las Palmas turns to right to visit the establishment San Francisco , dedicated wing production of raspberries that you/they prepare in syrup, jellies, sweet, sauces, or they sell fresh. It is completed with currant plantations, strawberry and pink mosqueta. will be able to know the plantation and degustar the candies.


Return to Av. Cecilia Grierson and advancing toward the west arrives to the connection with RP38. Continue right 1,5 km until San Esteban, small town next to the river San Ignacio that was the station of railroad of Los Cocos in time of the tourist peak of the area and that it possesses the natural spa that it misses the previous one. If it takes picnic here will find a shady place where to camp. Return to the connection and turn to the right for RN38 toward The Summit, distant 8 km .

In the itinerary it is suggested to visit the lavender plantations and still of perfumes Domaine of Puberclair 300 m to the left of the route, signalled.

will see lavender cultivations, rosemary, sage, nard, honeysuckle and vetiver, and they will explain to him the process of having distilled.

A km ahead enters to La Cumbre for signalled access that it drives to the railroad station.

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