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To Villa Dolores
Villa Dolores
Dique La Viña
Villa Dolores
Dique La Viña
Dique La Viña
Dique La Viña
San Javier


Beautiful walk that links small and picturesque populations.

They are 102 round trip km from Mina Clavero, for paved road. To carry out in any time of the year, especially in summer. Fuel in Mina Clavero, Nono and Villa Dolores.


From Mina Clavero (km 0) takes the exit 2 in plane (RP15), passing Nono. In km 9 crossing the Small stream of Nono, very attractive, and 600 m ahead have exit to The Streets, summer population. For a calm and rural journey spends a chain of towns, each one with their characteristic and charm. In km 16,5 access to The Rabonas, great producing of fruits coming from the next fifths that are sold dried up.

In km 22, crossing the stream you arrives to The Hornillos; next to the mountain, invites to go into in the gulches. The High hostel Montaña organizes cavalcades, walks and trekking, as long as the spa The Comechingones allows the calm enjoyment of the nature.

Advancing for a cultivated area, in km 27, when arriving to The Wells, turn to the right for strait and shady road paved to visit the dike. In the itinerary will find on of sale of crafts, fruits of the station and you dry off, homemade candies, dry mushrooms and articles for the fishing of the pejerrey; as well as the accesses to the fishing clubs and excellent views of the lake. To 5,5 km of the route it arrives to the wall of the Dike La Viña


Dike La Viña


Their official name is dike Engineer Medina Allende, projected by the engineer S. Fitz Simón and built between 1939 and 1944 on the river The Sallows. The height on the channel is of 102 m and the longitude of the crowning, of 317 m . Imposing for their dimensions and location, has an area of reservoir of 1.050 there is. It is completed with a Hydroelectric Power station to the foot of the wall and dike compensator.

Return to the route to continue to Villa The Roses, formerly producer of very good tobaccos. is a calm population crossed by the stream Gusmara, of crystalline waters that can enjoy in the Municipal Spa. stands out for the square with their añosos bananas and welcoming shade, where it will find a position of tourist information.

In km 37, access to The Walls, producer of spices and aromatic plants. In km 44 have crossing with RN148 that drives to Villa Mercedes to the left, continuing right 2 km to enter Villa Dolores


Villa Dolores


Head departmental and important center producing of potatoes, with all the services. It is the most important city in the valley in spite of their scarce tourist attractiveness. It is step forced for those who go to Quines (to 65 km ) where the route is divided toward San Juan and San Luís, and extreme point of the RN 148 that going by Villa Mercedes communicates it with the RN8 and RN7.

It is separated by the river The Sallows of San Pedro's old town that it was the western more important center until consolidated in the opposed riverbank the new city, around the chapel erected under the invocation of Our Mrs. of the Dolores and of the one that plows derived the denominations of Villa Chapel of the Dolores and, later, Villa Dolores.

It was developed with the arrival of the railroad (1905) and the opening of the one on the way to the High Summits (1916) that linked it definitively with Capital Córdoba. Today it possesses the only aerodrome of the valley. Annually it is headquarters of the International Encounter of Poets.


That to know in a visit


The activity rotates around the square Mitre, in that part they concentrate bars and sweet shops that occupy the sidewalks and the pedestrian area to enjoy outdoors in the summer afternoons.

The Parochial Church that replaced to the old chapel destroyed by a tremor in 1861 is in front of the square.

Cross the river and a km later on it enters to the right to visit San Pedro that still preserve, next to the square, interesting examples of architecture of ends of the XIX century.

To enjoy the river can choose the Municipal spa, to 300 m of the square, or the spa Colored Stone, name derived of paintings rupestres that there was in the place, located by exit 4 in the plane, next to a summer village to the one that you consents for strait paved road.

The return can make it for the same road or to continue to the south (to see Walk to the hill Champaquí) spending the night in San Javier or Yacanto to continue toward Merlo , in province of San Luis.


Where to sleep and to eat


There is a varied hotelería of up to 3 *. Don't stop to prove the handmade ice creams and the regional wines San Javier and Champaquí.

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