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On the way to the Altas Cumbres
Camino de las Altas Cumbres


Camino de las Altas Cumbres


Camino de las Altas Cumbres


Camino de las Altas Cumbres


Camino de las Altas Cumbres


Camino de las Altas Cumbres


Camino de las Altas Cumbres


Cerámica Negra


Walk for beautiful landscapes of the mountains Big, better option to arrive direct and quickly to the valley of Traslasierra .

They are 126 km to Mina Clavero for excellent paved route, very trafficked and without risk. Fuel in Villa Carlos Paz and Treasurer Mines.


From Villa Carlos Paz (km 0) to leave for the RP14, the road is parallel to the course of the river San Antonio , with infinity of spas and campings, and it goes by summer villages where the individual housings that are let in season are plentiful.

In San Antonio of Arredondo (km 7,5) the convent of the Franciscans is, of big dimensions, with residence for retirements and camping site. Following 500 m , left wing, the old chapel and the access to the Monastery of Benedictine Sisters Gaudium Marie that has lodging and sale of sweet, embroideries and crafts made by the same nuns.

In the km 9 are a bifurcation of roads: to the left toward Cheerful Forest and San Clemente (to see Walk to the Astronomical Observatory of Cheerful Forest and surroundings).

When following right the villages of Icho they are happened Cruz and Blanca Costs, next to the river, with excellent very converged spas. The road begins the ascent, with beautiful views panoramic and excellent miradors where to stop. Toward the west the mountains of the Condors and the Small mountains are come, it leaves of the valley of Punilla and, toward the northwest, the Big mountains that begin in the solid of The Giants. The area is almost lacking trees, save in the protected parts. The lovers of the picture will have very good opportunities.

To open the one on the way to the Altas Cumbres, denominated Fair Páez Molina, extensive tracts should be dynamited, like can it turns in the marks left in the rockfaces that it contains the route that is the sufficiently wide thing and allows to stop. From the high thing can it turns the Astronomical Observatory and the dike The Mills. It will cross the Pampas of Achala


Pampas of Achala


It is a Plain of height with mackerel rocky formations and very short pastizales, whipped by a constant wind. In winter it is very cold and usually covers even of snow.

Next to the road has the access to the former hotel The Condor and bus inn. Closed today, it was always an oasis in the cold Pampas of Achala and base from the walks to the Gulch of the Condorito


Gulch of the Condorito


Place of exceptional beauty to which you arrives after a walk of 3 h, crossing the pampas to lower abruptly toward the gulch for a hillside in slope covered with tabaquillos. In the bottom the river, ideal for the fishing of trouts runs. Who arrive until here they are rapt with the flight of condors and eaglets that have their nests in the rock of the south wall.

In 1995 you creó in the area the Park National Gulch of the Condorito to protect these birds that were threatened the construction of the road. Don't go into alone in the gulch. Request information to the guardaparque or in the headquarters of the Andean Club Córdoba.

From the km 87 the views of the valley of Traslasierra begin. Of north to south will see the mountain of Panaholma , the towns of Villa Cure Brochero and it Mines Treasurer, and the solid of the Big mountains. In the horizon, the volcanos; and enter these and the mountain of Panaholma , the Pampas of Discolored. In the center of the valley, the river The Sallows that it feeds to the dike La Viña.

In this point the erosion has altered the rocks in a very particular way and with some imagination will see figures of diverse animals.

In the tract that subtracts it will find positions of sale of crafts in black ceramic, traditional of the area. A little later on crossing the river The Sallows, next to him have an area of camping site free ideal to make a high one. As it descends, the rocky landscape changes for the mountain mount and, after saving a curve with very marked slope from which one has a good view of the towns of the valley, it will arrive to the connection with RP15 in km 126.

To their right, to 1,5 km has Mina Clavero and in other 2 kms it is Villa Cura Brochero .

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