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To the Astronomical Observatory of Bosque Alegre and surroundings
Observatorio Astronómico de Bosque Alegre









Estación Terrena de Telecom







Fundación Cóndor







Parque Nacional Quebrada Del Condorito







Parque Nacional Quebrada Del Condorito

It visits to an important astronomical observatory and traveled by beautiful landscapes of the only road that links the valleys of Punilla and Calamuchita.

They are 150 km , 75 of them for consolidated road, for one day in any time of the year. Take vianda to eat lunch next to some of the rivers in the road. Consult for visit to the Observatory. Fuel in Villa Carlos Paz and in Alta Gracia.


From Villa Carlos Paz (km 0) to leave for the RP14 when arriving to the km 7,5 is a deviation you should choose that of the left (if chooses the right will go to Mine Treasurer); in the road will find road consolidated to spa The Jarillas. As it is ascended, views of the river are had San Antonio and of the urbanization of Beaches of Gold.

When arriving to the km 15 it is already in the mountain area, and has to their right the village The Jarillas. We recommend a journey of 600 m until the end of the loteo to enjoy a pretty landscape next to the stream that accompanies to the road for the right, with spa and camping site Continues then for the main road, crossing fords, streams and some villages. The river runs to the right and it is accessible in several points.

In km 25,5 come out on the way to earth to the right to Copina ( 24 km ) and Treasurer Mines ( 94 km ). It is the old one in route to Traslasierra that crosses the Pampas of Achala, with picturesque bridges hanging and very pretty landscapes, Although it has been in disuse, it is passable. Advancing, leave the metallic dome of the Observatory of Bosque Alegre and, a little further on in the km 27,5, toward the right the parabolic antenna of the Terrestrial Station is observed.


Terrestrial station


Important landmark in the system of telecommunications, projected as complement of the international services of communications via satellite of the Terrestrial Station of Balcarce.

It is one of the three antennas of the operating system in the area of the Atlantic , proposed in 1980 by Intelsat. Erected in a property donated by the Society Corbet Hnos., it is protected naturally of the interferences of type radioeléctrico by the Big and Small mountains. Their modern construction is equipped to receive and to transmit telephony signs, telex, television, etc. is interconnected to the national net by radioenlace system.


Returning to the road, this forks immediately: that of the right leads to San Clemente . Turn to the left to ascend to the Astronomical Observatory of Cheerful Forest

The road is divided again; takes that of the left. If you take it to their right it will arrive to Skirt of the Carmen ( 12 km ). The road is of earth and it is in good been since it is the habitual route of the personnel of the Observatory and it communicates with Alta Gracia ( 20 km ) and with Córdoba through the freeway.

In km 31 enter to the property for stone portal and after 500 m of serpentine itinerary, crossing a pinegrove arrives to the main building of the Astronomical Observatory of Cheerful Forest


Astronomical observatory of Cheerful Forest


can carry out guided visit, began in 1912 and put into operation in 1941. From the Astronomical Observatory of Córdoba was only practiced the astrometría that you ocupabade the position, mensuration, volume, capacity. it distances and speed of the celestial objects. The astronomy astrophysics, possible starting from the installation of this telescope, studies the structure of the stars. It is supplemented with cameras that photograph the objects to study the longitude, frequency and quantity of waves of the emitted light.

The revolvable dome is of 18 m of diameter with an opening of 4 m . has mounted an American telescope of 7 m of focal height and 20 rhyme weight, with mirror in the base of the cylinder of 23 cm of thickness, 1,5 m of diameter and a weight 1.200 kg . Their approximate reach is of 600 millions of years light.

This telescope was the biggest in the south hemisphere during a lot of time, and it allowed the knowledge of celestial bodies, the making of big stellar maps and the discovery of infinity of objects. From here it has been contributed to the world astronomy, inventing the way of polishing big mirrors. In the low plant there is a hole bell where it is made the cleaning and the espejado of the glass, process that it lasts some 12 hours.

In the property will see other domes of smaller size that possess teams to observe elements that are at smaller distance, as galaxies and comets. From the facilities one has a view of the whole valley, the construction of the Terrestrial Station and the grove of the helmet of the old stay Cheerful Forest .


Return to the first bifurcation (km 27,5) and continue toward San Clemente skirting the property of the Terrestrial Station, to be introduced in a rural landscape of rock and pinegroves, characteristic of the valley of Calamuchita, with panoramic exceptional to 4 and 5,5 km of the mentioned bifurcation

A little later on it will cross the river of The Sole that, as all the rivers of Calamuchita, it possesses crystalline waters, deep pots that invite to swim and extensive beaches for the children. It can overcome it in a short walk to enjoy the landscape or of a fishing trip, since good copies of trouts are obtained. Six km is ahead it crosses the river San José . Following their course in a walk of some 2,5 h can enter to the gulch of the Condorito, for the bottom of the same one. Advancing 3 km will arrive to a dispersed population, San Clemente (km 47 from Villa Carlos Paz). It is very calm, with some hostels and warehouses where to be supplied. A km after crossing the river San Clemente , comes out to the right road toward the hotel The Granadilla to 3 km for charming grove. It is only opened during periods of vacations.

Leave San Clemente (km 0) for serpentine road that leaves a beautiful view of the town behind. In 5,5 km it will cross the river San Pedro to continue for extensive pinegroves miss, but interesting, San José 's cemetery, very next to the mountain and 2 km before the connection with on the way to earth that leads to the right to Villa The Reartes. Turn to the left, tract of 9 km with excellent views of the lake The Mills. In km 72 will arrive to Villa City of America and connection with RP5.

To return to Villa Carlos Paz the RP5 takes to the left, toward Alta Gracia, and continue for the linking between this and the freeway Córdoba-Carlos Paz.

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