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To Paso de la Patria
Paso de la Patria
Paso de la Patria


Visits one of the most grateful tourist villages in the county, with good infrastructure for sport fishing and recreational use of the river Paraná.

Trip of 36 km from the capital correntina for paved route RN12 toward Inns. Walk of four hours minimum. Varied gastronomic offer. Fuel in Paso de la Patria.


Go out of Corriente for avenues Armenia and Freedom until the connection with the RN12 in the call triangle The Eagle (km 0), where there is a station of service. Advancing for the RN12, in the one. km 2 are the access to the right to Santa Ana and 100 m later on, to the left, the airport Dr. Piragine Niveyro.

In the km 26 you arrives to a well signalled crossing of routes, but that it demands since wisdom it doesn't possess derivation round. Entering to the left, in about 10 kilometers you arrives in passing until the Paso de la Patria

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