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Itatí, Sanctuary of the Faith
Iglesia de Itatí




Iglesia de Itatí




Iglesia de Itatí




Iglesia de Itatí




Iglesia de Itatí


A walk for this city where it can visit one another a commercial center and the famous Basilica Sanctuary of Itatí


The paved access of 8 km from the RN 12 are flanked, by hand left. for the "stops" of the Via Crucis. One enters for Av. May 25 and, in the corner of the street of the Benedictine, the Terminal of Bus is. Take toward the right and, in 500 m , it will arrive at the river, where it is the Municipal Camping site Abá Snuff, with spa, quinchos, grills and other facilities.

Return for street of the Benedictine until the Av. May 25 and advance three blocks for this to the right to the square Brother Luis Bolaños, restored to enlarge the atrium of the Basilica Sanctuary of Itatí


Basilica Sanctuary of Itatí


It is a monumental work. with capacity for 9.000 people. It possesses three ships with a central dome of 26 m of diameter and 80 m of height, including the Virgin's external image, of 7,50 m of high, carried out in copper and that it crowns the dome.

Their fundamental stone was placed toward 1938 and it was concluded without the interior terminations in 1945. It was inaugurated July of 1950, 16 for the fiftieth anniversary of the Virgin's Coronation.

The Virgin's Dressing room is in their first floor, of size intimista, where the daily masses are officiated and they keep the donated treasures to the Virgin. Beside the basilica is the Sacred Museum


Sacred museum


It occupies it leaves of the small Church of the XIX century that harbored the activities of the cult from 1853 until the construction of the basilica. It has been respected as cultural historical patrimony, being one of the few examples of the neoclassical architecture of the period of the Confederation Argentina.

Their only ship has been divided in two atmospheres, being the museum next to the main entrance from the square and the santería in the later part. The museum possesses religious images and furniture of the period colonial, included confession boxes, banks, closets and a baptismal pile.




The Virgin's Party takes place July 16, but begins before until one week due to the traditions of the pilgrims of San Luís of the Palmar and those of San Cosme that come out in carts and horses to arrive the previous day to the Pilgrim's House and to participate in the party. This show that repeats for more than ninety years, it belongs to popular character and Creole and knows it to him as The Caravan of the Faith. To her they unite the pilgrims that travel the 64 kms on foot from the city of Currents . Along the whole itinerary they are organized stopped that offer food, basic services and medical care to the pilgrims.

September 21, in coincident form with the festejos of the Day of the Spring and of the Youth, is organized the Youth's great Regional Pilgrimage that comes out from different points to attend the religious acts, vents and encounters of the day 21 in Itatí.

Continue the visit around the square, where is almost the entirety of the urban equipment, and travel the pedestrian street Walk of the Promeseros (Bishop remains silent Niella between May 25 and Martingale), with local where the artisans and traveling salespersons meet. The House of the Promeseros and a housing property of the church are to the side, dedicated to attend promeseros families.

Lowering for May 25 toward the river, on the sidewalk some positions of traveling salespersons are located and then the hotels Antártida and The Promesero. Between both there is a phone booth. When arriving to the street González of Santa Cruz, toward the right, is the Camping site Cocktail. Continuing to the left for the paved road you arrives to the area of the port, where a great esplanade that serves as excellent mirador toward the river Paraná exists. It possesses an extensive natural beach with some services.

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