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Tour to visits Yacyretá-Apipé Dams


















This located to 4 km of Ituzaingó., it is descripta in the continuation of this access route toward Inns. It is only possible to concert it through the concesionaria of visits that is contacted in the Cultural Center of Ituzaingó

From Ituzaingó you comes out to the RN12 for the Centennial Av. or for 9 of Julio) that takes firstly until the entrance control of to Yacyreta-Apipe Dams


Yacyreta-Apipe dams


The visits guided to this colossus of the engineering and pride of our nation should be hired previously in the Cultural Center of Ituzaingó. It includes the exhibition, explanation of planes and scale models, and projection of videos stops then to carry out the journey of the work, foreseen for a hour of duration.

It dams it, an Argentinean-Paraguayan emprendimiento, it is located on the denominated Jumps of the Apipé in the river Paraná, in the periphery of the city of Ituzaingó and next to the city of Ayolas , in the Paraguayan bank.

It was installed in this point the jumps and three big islands that exist there to take advantage: Yacyretá (Paraguayan and that of more extension), Talavera and Apipé (both Argentineans). Two of them give the name to the work.

Other factors that influenced in the decision of locating it here the difficulties that it presented the sailing in the place and the feasibility of containing the waters building were the it dams on the islands, besides enabling railroads and international highways.

The flow of the river Paraná in the place is of 42.237.445 m3/h, and the geographical accidents offered the possibility to form one it dams of approximately 70 km of longitude and a reservoir of 1.700 km ' of surface, uniting both riverbanks. The generated energy would be of 13.500 million kilovatios/h (equivalent to 4.500.000 rhyme of petroleum).

The project was conceived in 1920. In 1958 an Argentinean-Paraguayan Agreement was signed for the creation of a Mixed Technical Commission of Yacyretá-Apipé. In 1963 the bases of the preliminary design settled down and in 1964 the Mixed Commission approved the General Plan of Preliminary Studies, being summed up the signature between both countries for the future construction and exploitation of the complex.

In 1971, after a call to international competition, it was awarded Harza and Associates the technician-economic-financial study of feasibility for the realization of the work. The agreement was signed in 1973, giving you beginning to the studies in 1974 next to the creation of the Entity Binacional Yacyretá (EBY). The construction began in 1983 and it was awarded to a franc-Italian company, Associate Impreglio-Dumez for Yacyretá. From 1991 financing of the World Bank was obtained and of the IDB, besides contributions of the Argentinean Treasure.

After countless back payments that meant the postponement of their operation, starting from 1994 started. The turbines, type Kaplan of 9,50 m of diameter and vertical axis, they are manufactured by IMSA, of Mendoza .


Technical aspects of the Construction


It Dams it of Yacyretá-Apipé it is considered, in their type, one of the most important of the world, only overcome by that of Asuán in Egypt .

  • The Prey Has a total longitude of 66,63 km , included the sailing sluice in Santa María, a main drain next to the arm bigger than the non Parana, another in the arm Añá Cuá and the hydroelectric power station.
  • The Reservoir Possesses a bench mark of crowning of 82 meters . and a surface of 1.600 km2. It contains a volume of water of 21.000 km3 and the mirror of water expands 200 km you dilute up, with a maximum width of 2 I km and a depth of 35 m .
  • Central Hydroelectric Installed in a building of 816 m of longitude it will contain 20 generating turbines that will take advantage of a maximum gross jump of 24 m . The nominal power of each turbine is of 150 MVA.
  • Communication Vial On it leaves of the prey runs an asphalted road that it saves the step on the one Paraná laughed (main arm) and it crosses a bridge AM on the arm Cuá. This international road will unite the RN 12 in Argentina with the RN 1 of Paraguay.
  • Sluice of Sailing Of 270 m of larg i and 27 m of wide, it will allow to the ships to save a difference of 23 m , equivalent to the height of a building of eight floors. On to sluice it will cross a drawbridge of type basculante, able to allow the step of ships of any height, for where it will pass the highway.
  • Works of Watering and Drainage Exist in the prey takings for watering that will allow, of the Paraguayan side, the cultivation of rice, improved pastures and several cultivations in 140.000 there is. In the Argentinean side they will be enabled, for stages, areas of under watering; the first one will be in Santa María, with 6.650 there is.
  • Climb of Fish in order to preserving the fauna ictícola a "ascent" it was built to help the fish to overcome a maximum difference of 23 m . They also exist plans pore to create reservation areas and reasentamiento of the wild fauna.
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