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A visit for Paso de la Patria
Inmacualada Concepción




Costanera de Paso de la Patria




Artesanías en Paso de la Patria










Rio en Paso de la Patria




Iglesia de San Cosme


It is characterized by the presence of banks of sand, pedregales and big beaches where they have been formed spas with infrastructure and facilities for the esparcimiento. It is a good place to practice nautical sports, such as motonáutica, canotaje, veils, windsurf and aquatic ski.


From the RN12 they are 10 km for the access route. It is entered to the area urbanized by street The Rioja that finishes in the river Paraná. You dilute up, to the right, the newest area is and, toward the left, the original town and the institutional center.

When arriving to the street May 25, double to the left to travel the coast of the river, where you can appreciate, to two blocks and mediates right, one by hand construction has more than enough palafitos, typical of an area inundable: it is the building of the National Prefecture . The only station of service is in the following block and, a block and mediates later on, the Address of Tourism, where a booth phone public works.

When arriving to Catamarca, May 25 make a small deviation toward the left. The one are on the river Property Ferial, Ganchera and Amphitheater where they are carried out the complementary events to the National Party of the Gilding (exhibitions, musical shows, fishermen's arrival, etc.). At the end of this street they are the ramp and malacate for the launching of sport crafts to the river.

In the corner of Catamarca, double to the left a block to take December 8, the commercial artery where they are located the Terminal of Bus, restaurants, supermarkets, local of sale of fishing articles and other establishments.

The is in the corner of Santiago del Estero is the Immaculate church Concepción of Maria , was builded in 1929. To their side will see an old building, of historical value that was the first chapel of the then Step of the King. It dates of 1864-65 and has adobe walls and roof of tiles. In her is a small one Historical-natural museum

that it exhibits objects of the war of the Triple Alliance, old furniture, images carved in the missions Jesuit and examples of the fauna of the region.

Continue the Walk toward the right until the end west, following the road traced in the plane that begins in front of the property of the Complex FATSA. In Belgrano it rotates to the right and advance four blocks, passing in front of the well equipped one Municipal camping site N° 2 The Anthill and, later on, the Hostel Garden of Paraná.

There double to the right for Av. Santa Coloma, picturesque coastal road of sand, to arrive at the Municipal Spa, a sector of beaches with bars and taverns, very converged in summery period. Then, on the river, the one is Club of Fishing Pirayú, with facilities for the fisherman and to camp. At the end of this road is the Hostel Don Julián, with housing and complementary services for fishermen: nursery of boats, restaurant, ramp, malacate, jetty and guides.

Return for the same road to May 25 and The Rioja (the access street to the town), to travel the neighborhood Chaqueño. For May 25, between Jujuy and Freedom, on the river they are the facilities of the Complex of the Union of the Insurance, with cabins, quinchos and sport facilities. In the corner of in front the Apart Hotel is and, later on, on the Tip Mitre, the Municipal Camping site Nº 1. Turn for Mitre to the right until San Martin and for this to the left to Paraguay in whose corner you consents to the municipal beach The Riviera, extensive and with varied offer of bars, heladerías, and rent of boats, canoes, cuatriciclos and other implementos.

Taking for Paraguay until Belgrano and for this until the corner of Missions, it will arrive to the one Casino and Gilded Sweet shop Dancing Route .

To 120 m for Belgrano is the On Hostel of the Sun, with restaurant and swimming pileta.

Finished the visit to Paso de la Patria, we suggest a short deviation to know an old village and an attractive lagoon.

Leave for The Rioja until the RN12 and advance 5 km for this in address to Inns, to the left, to find, also to the left, the access to San Cosme and Lagoon Totora


San Cosme and Lagoon Totora


Entering to the town for street San Martin will arrive at the square, in front of which are the church, the museum Marries Mitre, the Municipality and the building of the Police. Numerous characteristic housings of the area guaranítica can be observed in the colonial period.

Return for San Martin and double to the left for Cocomarola. Continue four blocks until the entrance of the lagoon Totora, of permanent waters that it possesses a good spa with camping site, quinchos, grills, sanitariums, restaurant and rent of teams for nautical sports. It is ideal for the windsurf practice. Return to Currents for 'the RN12 ( 31 km ).


Between the months of August and September it is carried out the National party of the dorado , that it summons fishermen of national and international level. The participants compete to capture one of the most valuable pieces for their size, beauty and color: the gilding, also called Tiger of the Paraná due to their fierceness.

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