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City tour in Santo Tomé
Santo Tomé




Santo Tomé




Santo Tomé




Santo Tomé


A walk for this old city that was founded by the Jesuit and that it was important during the time of the national independence


Among for Av. The America and continue until the Av. Alvear. Turn to the left to arrive to the Av. San Martin, the main artery, where most of the commercial establishments is located and of equipment. Continue for this to arrive at the square San Martin , designed with diagonal paths, retreta and the Liberator's equestrian statue in the center. In the corner of the streets Blanco and San Martin is the House of the Culture . To the front it highlights the building of the Municipality , of modern architecture, and next to him the Church Immaculate Cathedral Concepción


Church Immaculate Cathedral Concepción


Although it is not very old, has in the atrium a beautiful baptismal pile of the time of the missions, monolithic, white, of 3,20 x 1,40 x 0,50 m , the one that was discovered in an urban and donated place to the church. Also, it possesses a bell fused in 1688, as it consists in the inscription.

Turn to the right for Knives to arrive to the corner with Yrigoyen, where the one is Museum Pablo Argilaga the one that has numerous pieces of Jesuit origin, several documents and photographic collections.

San Martin return to the Av. and take right wing. To little to walk it will arrive to the bank, high and barrancosa, of the river Uruguay , with magnificent views. Continue until finding the soft slope that takes to the Spa The Piñeral whose beach calm and good camping site infrastructure makes it appropriate for a day outdoors. It is a gentle and beautiful place. After traveling Saint I Took, an interesting alternative is to continue for the coastal road of earth, well signalled, until Port Hormiguero


Port Hormiguero


From here crosses to the Brazilian city of Sâo Borja . There is service in raft for vehicles, or in boat for passengers. It is a good place for purchases that also offers the opportunity to visit the Jesuit ruins of Sâo Miguel , Sâo Luis Gonzaga , Sacred Angelo and others. The facilities of Customs , Migrations and quay of rafts are in the port


Sâo Miguel


City located to 58 km of Sâo Borja , where is the monumental area of the restored ruins that the UNESCO declared Historical and Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity. Every day is carried out a show of light and sound. Their museum harbors an important collection of images and sculptures.  




Festival of the Chamamé of the Mercosur is carried out the second week of December

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