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To Villa Liberator San Martín
Puesta de sol en Diamante






Universidad Adventista del Plata



Sanatorio Adventista del Plata


Traveled by beautiful and green wavy landscapes until Villa Liberator San Martin, with establishments of health and educational of world fame.

Trip of 18 km toward the east for the RN131.


Leave the city of Diamante for Av. Mosconi. After 4 km the RP11 will cross. Continue for the RN131 and, after 14 km , it will arrive to the Villa Liberator San Martin


Villa Liberator San Martin


With 3.434 inhabitants, it is conformed by three urban groups: the properly this village; the neighborhood Waiter, to 3 km of the same one, and Puígari. This town that originated in 1909 starting from the station of the railroad, is related with the installation of the School Adventist of the Silver, created in 1898 in a Congress of Christian Immigrants gathered in the city of Crespo . It is the only population of the country where it is not sold alcohol neither tobacco.


That to know in a visit


It deserves to stand out the University Adventist of the Silver


University Adventist of the Silver


It has their origin in the rural school, created in 1898, where became trained agriculture and religion like fundamental points. The establishment, in its development, was enlarging its training areas until arriving in 1990 to the installation of the university. It is a complex conformed by preschool level, primary school, associate secondary, university and posgrado, all with official recognition.

Their education system is based on the Christian education directed to develop a harmonic personality in the spiritual thing, intellectual, social, physical, manual and civic. It has a total of 1.500 students of diverse nationalities. This institution is a link of the 6.000 educational centers of the Church Adventist in the world.


Sanatorium Adventist of the Silver


It is a clinical-surgical institution with 200 beds and almost all the specialties and basic services of medical benefits. It worries about to deepen the scientific knowledge and to promote an integral attention of the patients, with personal multidisciplinary of exclusive dedication. The Center of Healthy Life is the most important place in the Sanatorium.

Numerous people converge to him from different parts of the world, because it is a pioneer institution in recovery treatments that include the pursuit and the patient's control in an imbued atmosphere of serenity, beauty and peace.

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