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Route Buenos Aires-La Plata
Camino General Belgrano





Ciudad de los niños





Catedral de La Plata





Estación de Tren de La Plata





Museo de Ciencias Naturales de La Plata





Legislatura de la provincia de Buenos Aires
To know the capital city of the county and to travel an area where can choose diverse walks of interest: from Buenos Aires it can opt for two quick exits toward La Plata
They are 56 kilometers with paved road, crossing the belt industrial suburban of Buenos Aires and then following the Road Centennial Park that divides extending forests forestados of the marginal forest. The option is after the round J M Gutiérrez, to 4 kilometers to the right for General Road Belgrano, through an area of fifth and nurseries. It is usually of very intense traffic in skilled days, especially of tomorrow and when falling the afternoon. Very congested V and D in summer season, to coincide with traffic toward and from the Atlantic coast. Stations of service along the road.
First Option from the center for Av. Leandro Alem, Walk Columbus, Av. Almte. Brown until crossing the Creek for Bridge Nicolás Hazel grove (kilometer 0). to Take to the right for Billinghurst to continue for Southeast Access that finishes in Av. Mitre.

Second Option from the center of Buenos Aires for Freeway 9 of Julio, to cross the Creek for Bridge Pueyrredón (kilometer 0). In the slope, deviate to the right for Av. Belgrano and advance 9 blocks until Grl. Peace; there continue to the left stops then to take Av. Mitre heading for the southeast. In kilometer 11, Av. Mitre crosses Southeast Access; to continue right for Av. of the Quilmes.
In the Kilometer 16.5 to the left for Felipe Amoedo will arrive to the center from Quilmes neighboring city to the capital, with history and places of the colonial time, besides other attractiveness (description in the walk Visits Quilmes).

Continuing for Av. of the Quilmes (more adelanle will call herself Av. Calchaquí) it will cross industrial sectors and of trade suburban, In kilometer 19 will see to the right the great building of those that were the Laboratories YPF, an interesting example of the rationalistic architecture of the years 30, it works of the María's study Prinz.

In the Kilometer 20 are a crossing with RP14 (I walk Grl. Belgrano); of there right for Av, Calchaquí that becomes tract freeway. After wide curve on bridge Forests that the FCGR crosses, to the height of the kilometer 27 in Av. Luján, signalled, the Ecological Park Guillermo Hudson with museum and it visits to flora reservation and fauna, to continue toward La Plata for RP2.

In the Kilometer 32 this the Round J M Gutiérrez, called Florencio also Beaches her. There, it rotates to the south the RP2 and is born, to the southeast, the Road Centennial Park that will continue toward La Plata.

In the Kilometer 35 are two options toward La Plata: for Centennial among forests forestados or, to the right, for Road Grl. Belgrano to cross urban areas with fifth and nurseries.
Variant Road Grl. Belgrano
From their beginning in kilometer 35 cross area of fifth, crossing the neighborhoods Margarita, Santa Ana and Güemes until Manuel Gonnet where, in kilometer 48, it is the entrance to the Republic from the Children interesting visit to a built space entirely to infantile scale. (Descripto in the children's walk Republic).

Toward La Plata, the road takes direct until boulevard perimetral and Av. 7 drive until the center in kilometer 56.

Variant Road Centennial Park
From their beginning in kilometer 35, to little to walk, in kilometer 37 to the right, access to the Park Pereyra Iraola picnic possibility or the day to pass outdoors in interesting environment. Continuing the road, to the left, extends until the coast the Marginal Forest, of 10.000 há, with old wild forest, natural and taken a bath pastures.

In the Kilometer 40 to the right, this the access to the Station of Breeding of animal Silvestre (better explained in walk to the park Pereyra I and e.c.a.s), it is a scientific and educational center where it is studied the Argentinean wild fauna and American in their natural habitat.

In the Kilometer 41.5 will cross the urbanization Villa Elisa, today beautiful residential area. This area was part of a luck of stay called Palm, of the Grl. Alonso of Escobar whose descending they populated it and they colonized at the beginning of the XVII century. With the years it belonged to Bernabé Pereyra.

In the Kilometer 46 are an attractive called residential area City Bell which were part of the former stays Breads and León in the past, then calls San Ramón and enlarged with the stay of the Cat. The resultant, Big Stay, it was bought by three partners, one of those which was Jorge Bell. Reduced to the expropiársele a part for the layout of La Plata, remained nevertheless with almost 4.500 há that embraced from the one taken a bath until the coast. The helmet and their chalet, with grove of pines, aromos and other species, were an establishment for the breeding of the horsy livestock and their refinement, specialized in the race Clydesdale, of great trajectory and numerous prizes. The helmet belongs to the 2° Battalion of Communications and in 1944 you loteó to build the town of City Bell.

It leaves of these fields they gave origin to Manuel's next town Gonnet, where to both sides of the route it is noticed the presence of grills and restaurants.

In the Kilometer 49.8, at the end of the property of the University Club and in front of the station Manuel Gonnet, for in route to the right you can arrive until the Road Grl. Belgrano to visit the Republic of the Children. description in variant Road Grl. Belgrano.

From station Gonnet the road makes a turn and then it continues right, until finding the boulevard perimetral in kilometer 53.5. Advancing for Av. 7, Ilegará in kilometer 56 to the center of La Plata capital city of the county of Buenos Aires.
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