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Recommendations about mountains rivers

The rivers and mountain streams in spite of their beauty, they can cause serious problems if one doesn't know their behavior. The following observations will help to recognize the grown ones of these:

  • If storms are come toward the south or Southwest, to move away from the rivers and streams, the most probable thing that this raining in their nascent ones
  • When the water you brown restitution and brings foam, branches and other elements, it means that the growing one is arriving. Immediately to be preserved in high areas, not in islands
  • The hangover in trees and stones mark the level of the water in the last one grown, it is an useful fact to know until where the correntada can arrive
  • Not to camp near the rivers or streams neither to the foot of the hills, to make it in the faldeos or high parts of the land.
  • Never to cross a current of water that it surpasses the height of the knees
  • Not to cross fords with current of water in automobile. If the vehicle gets jammed, it is convenient to abandon him and to look for refuge in high places.
  • Not to trust the apparent meekness of the rivers and mountain streams, but neither to lose the calm
  • To ask and to follow the advice of the villagers, the police, firemen and Civil Defense.

Stress is made in these advice to avoid accidents before being introduced to the water:

  • Before hurtling to the water, to revise the area well. It usually has wells and stones
  • If is not good swimmer, not to penetrate in deep waters, to use the demarcated areas
  • Not to be introduced behind the stones, because the risk exists of being caught by a whirl
  • To avoid to swim in solitary places
  • Not to swim in solitude at nights, neither in cloudy waters
  • Not to enter to the water in the schedules where the guardavidas is not controlling
  • To maintain a special care in the children, especially in the costs of the deep and mighty rivers
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