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Visits to High Ovens Zapla










It goes by the best mirador in the city and, after crossing areas densely forested, it arrives to the great steel complex that understands high ovens, acería plant and lamination plant.

They are 33 km with paved road. To foresee 1 hour to complete the circuit. The guided visits are only carried out with previous programming.

Belgrano leave the General square toward the north and, when arriving to the round of Avenue Fascio and Hill (km 0), take to the right crossing the river; it turns to the right in address this and travel 3,5 km . It is a right road with strong left slope to right that after a short one climbed it crosses among weekend houses. Immediately to the left, in the km 4. the one is High hotel The Vineyard , it is of municipal property and regrettably not very well maintained, offers bar service, restaurant, pool and an incomparable vision of the whole valley of Jujuy and the complete city, with their historical center in first plane, to the right the outburst of the gulch of Humahuaca and, to the bottom, the snowy of the Chañi whose summit usually covers from clouds to half tomorrow.

Continuing for the RP56, 1 km later on, the route goes into with a smoothly serpentine layout inside a compact and beautiful eucáliptos forest. All these lands are property of the company that uses the firewood like fuel for the establishment of Zapla.

In km 12, to the left, a road enripiado that takes to the town of Chapels comes out. Continuing for the RP56, in the km 16 the route turns to the right, it leaves the forest and it crosses the Big river, facing the one Complex Steel High Ovens Zapla


Complex Steel High Ovens Zapla


Created by the General Manuel Savio, October 9 1945 were made the first pig-iron laundry. The prosecution begins with the extraction of the mineral of the mines October 9 and Old Position. The forest center mentioned previously provides vegetable coal. The industrial process is compound for: four high ovens that elaborate pig-iron, the acería plant with two electric ovens, three convertors Thomas that you/they manufacture steel and the plant of laminate that produces commercial bars and steels special employees in the warlike industry.

In front of the main door of the factory it is the access to RP1 that takes, to the right, to San Salvador of Jujuy.

From the route other industrial chimneys are come, they are those of Cellulose Jujuy


Cellulose Jujuy


The first integrated plant of paper and pulp Kraft to the sulfate of the country. The production is used in the production of paper corrugado and bags multipliego.

A little later on, in km 26, it is the access to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Rosario of River Blanco. Continuing for the RP1, during 3.5 km an area is crossed where they mix suburban housings with small industries and shops.

When arriving to the circulatory knot where the RN9 and RN66 connect, taking to the right one enters to San Salvador of Jujuy

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