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RP20, Route of the Conquest of the Desert
Pulpería de Chacharramendi


New route that shortens the itinerary toward the lakes of the south.

Trip of 297 km paved from General Acha until the crossing on the river Colorado and the entrance to the county of Black River . There are fuel, food and lodging in General Acha and 25 de Mayo. In Chacharramendi, good services. The road is right and of great monotony, for what seeks advice to make a high of 15 minutes every two hours to avoid accidents.

The aqueduct Puelén Chacharramendi accompanies the route for 136 km and has six positions of caretakers each 30 km , with small lots enabled for the rest that you/they offer water and shade. The RP20 possesses excellent pavement.


From General Acha (km 0), continue to the west for the RN152 until the km 42, where the RP20 connects. Take this last until Chacharramendi. There will find a station of service, a restaurant and a hostel.

This place was known as Locust of the Piche. Their current name remembers to the island where one of its first residents, the Spanish Fernando was born Seijoo. Here the Argentinean movie A shade was already filmed soon you will be. Visit the historical Grocery of Chacharramendi (also well-known as Bowling of Feito or Old Warehouse) completely recovered to their original state of warehouse of general fields, with numerous time objects and the classic grate that it separated to the despachantes of the parishioners.

In her the rural bandit took refuge Bairoletto, famous in the decades of 1920 and 1930. The newspapers of the time denominated it the last romantic highwayman and not only acquired fame for their crimes, but also for their gifts of excellent dancer and concurrent regular of the brothels of the area.


This place is natural habitat of the puma. It is the last point to be supplied of fuel.

Here the voyage of the arid Southwest region begins. In the road will be able to appreciate the most spectacular settings in sun of the plain pampeana maybe. In the km 290 are the crossing with the RN151 where there are station of service, hotel and restaurant.

In the km 297 will find the crossing of the river Colorado and the access to the province of Rio Negro . Then it follows a tract of 150 km of similar characteristic for the RN151. It will go by the periphery of Catriel; Cinco Saltos and Cipolletti. In this last one will find a crossing round with the RN22. Turn to the right and cross the bridge on the river Neuquén until arriving to the capital city of Neuquén .

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