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A walk for Samay Huasi




















In a mountain oasis of exuberant vegetation, the property Samay Huasi that means "house of rest" in Quechua, invites to pass over its stone piazza and to enjoy this beautiful corner riojano, just as the made the writer, educator and political Joaquín V. González in the first decades of the XX century, when was owner of the place.


It is a property, at the moment transformed into museum and hotel, property of the National University of The Silver. It belonged to the Doctor Joaquín V. González Notable eminent riojano of fertile trajectory and eminent public man of the cameras, the ministries and the diplomacy. Lawyer went and to him it owes himself the responsibility of the current Code of Work and Mining and of the Provincial Constitution of The Rioja and Córdoba. Professor and, in 1905, founder and rector of the National University of The Silver, it was also an outstanding writer, polyglot and poet. It prefixed to the whole cult of the poetry, the art and the beauty, in their more deeply human meaning.


Samay-Huasi means at Quechua "home of rest." It was the refuge where the intellectual synthesized an own universe: under the sky transparent chileciteño and next to rural mountains planted sweet vines, delicate roses and prodigious oaks. In that mystic environment retired to meditate, surrounded by symbols that are still present: the door etrusca with its inscription of 3 N, means «Anything neither nobody will upset my peace». The main rooms of the house harbor a library and a small museum with the eminent person's belongings.


You square and galpones is today auditory and pinacoteca of topics paisajistas and of manners related with the local history. The cellar, in the underground, keeps an archaeological, anthropological sample, paleontological of minerals and natural sciences, highlighting a showy collection of embalmed autochthonous birds, in cabinets where reproduces its natural habitat.


Finally, the pavilions that formed the stables have been transformed in bedrooms and rooms, around charming patios with galleries. They are dedicated to members of the University, but in seasons of little affluence they also open up to the tourism.


Pinacoteca Antonio Alice


It is a space dedicated to exhibit artists' riojanos pictorial works Their name remembers to that of the artist, friend of González that Samay visited Huasi in 1917 and it depicted that in two achieved outline of the natural one


Room of Natural Sciences


In the underground of the pinacoteca it is shown the nature and the history of the region by means of minerals, animals plants and aboriginal pieces González observed the nature in their walks and it propitiated the use of their resources


Bedroom and Iconográfica room


Two rooms of the main house reflect González's life. In one of them, relaxes their bedroom, with some personal objects. Behind, the Room Iconográfica not presents diverse portraits and pictures of the rioja, next to diverse written pieces of its responsibility.


Main House


The large house of the XIX century had belonged to the property The Career, of the English Guillermo Treloar. Having begun friendship with González, to their death, in 1913, it passed over him this property that was rebaptized as Samay Huasi.




In the park of old trees, González traced beautiful avenues, it planted fruit-bearing, he took care of his flowers and his vegetable garden, and he gave ornamental value to native plants.


Statue of Joaquín V. González


The Avenue of the Roses takes to the foot of the hills, where it is the statue of the proprietor of Samay Huasi.

Behind her, the stone stairway is born, carved by González that drives to a mirador. Also leave a natural cavity in which the writer used to rest.


Lithic monuments


Archaic lithic monuments inspired González the idea of adorning the park of their property with doors, statues and monoliths carved by the Serbian stonecutter Nicolás Tickac in rocks of neighboring hills


Data of interest


  • Schedule: Monday to Friday of 8 to 19, Saturdays and Sundays of 8 to 12 and de14 at 18. There are guided Visits
  • Tel/Fax: (03825) 42-2629
  • Lodging: The lodging offers 14 rooms of the helmet, with a régime of complete pension it Includes the one. I use of the swimming pileta and the possibility of going for a walk for the hills bordering. It should be reserved by telephone
  • Place :The property understands a considerable extension of cultivations of fruit-bearing and sectors parquizados in San Miguel's oasis, about 5 kms to the southeast of Chili. The helmet and the Regional Museum are near the main access.
  • Work The Regional Museum My Montañas understands the pinacoteca Antonio Alice and the Room of Natural Sciences.
  • Imperdible The walks for the gardens along their avenues and the short ascent to the mirador in the hill of the bottom.



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